Igrosoft slot machines have long been considered classics and seem to be not at all subject to the influence of time. None of the newfangled slots have succeeded in influencing the popularity of these slot machines.

Their main advantages are a good mix of versatile parameters and a simple control panel with entertaining plots. As a result, the igrosoft slots have many fans on the site richprize.com/games/igrosoft, and their number is increasing from year to year. Visit this best online casino RichPrize.com if you want to make quick money paying just a small deposit. Betting is available to everyone.

Igrosoft Slots: From the History of the Question

According to RichPrize.com, Igrosoft is the market leader today. It attracts players with its simple plot, which is more like a children’s cartoon, but with an adult sense of humor. At the time of its creation, each model of the Igrosoft game looked original, representing the average structure of an online slot. And this was at the end of the 20th century. However, this is not surprising at all, since the competition in the gambling market at that time was not high.

Technical Specifications

Despite the rather simple structure, especially against the background of new top games, Igrosoft slot machines have retained the uniqueness of their main characteristics. One of them is the principle of constructing valuable combinations. As you know, many slots use a left-to-right scheme, but Igrosoft significantly increases the chances of getting prizes, since starts from both edges of the reels. It is enough to hit 3-5 identical symbols in a row in order to win a prize or receive a bonus.

A risky round is considered original from a technical standpoint. In this game, it is made in the form of a card guide. However, there is no necessary to guess the suit here, as in many other online slot machines. By agreeing to participate in a risky round, the player is presented with a row of five cards. The conditional dealer makes the first move and opens the card. The participant needs to choose a card that will be able to replay the dealer’s card.

Legendary Igrosoft Slots

Thanks to their special storylines and unique themes, many igrosoft casino slots have become legendary today. Some of them are discussed below.

Crazy Monkey

The gameplay takes place against the backdrop of a bright jungle, and as the drum rotates, the player meets funny and friendly inhabitants.

Lucky Haunter

The game takes the player into the atmosphere of a real 90s beer bar. These online igrosoft slots are represented by drinks and snacks.

Fruit Cocktail

Fruit cocktail is one of the brightest free igrosoft slots. Despite a large number of fruits on the drums, strawberries are the ones that attract the attention of the players the most. The peculiarity of the game is that there are often winning combinations, and the coefficients of payments are characterized by rather high sizes.


A slot machine that allows you to truly experience the brunt of a spy’s share in the enemy camp. The action takes place at the German headquarters during the Second World War. The main character studies enemy cards and classified documents while the player spins the reels carefree.


This is a great slot for car enthusiasts. Here every car enthusiast will find interesting items – a wrench, a democrat, candles, canisters, etc. If you are interested in igrosoft casino games, be sure to find what you are looking for on the website RichPrize.com. To play the game and make a bet, you can use any gadget, including a mobile device.