Five common experiences sharing by DR. JOLENE BRIGHTEN that everyone who menstruates can relate to (and maybe even giggle at). Even if you tell yourself your periods aren’t as bad as other peoples, it still doesn’t mean they are an enjoyable experience. Cramps, mood swings and the general flow of blood just aren’t pleasant. Period.

1. When Your Hot Water Bottle is Your Best Friend

2. When Everything Makes You Cry

3. Having to Plan Your Clothing Based on Your Flow

4. When Chocolate Is The Only Thing That Helps

5. The Realisation That Period Products Commercials Lie

If you find yourself in any of these comics, don’t panic. You certainly are not alone. While we’ve all been told periods are designed to make us miserable and hijack our lives, it doesn’t have to be that way. Simple steps, such as eating the right foods or taking supplements can help to alleviate these problems.

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