The slot machine, on which gamblers spend more time than they do on Facebook these days, is the online casino that offers the highest return of all popular table games. It’s even higher than in roulette! Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to gamble away your fortune at the slots – this article will explain some simple rules for winning big in a jackpot game.

Basic Strategy – Use Your Head, Not Your Heart!

There are two approaches to getting better at beating the odds over time when it comes to luck-based games like jackpot games. Some follow their emotions and some use logic and an understanding of the game. The first group will lose their money sooner or later, for feelings like hope, fear, or greed can never be trusted to make reasonable decisions. The ones who bet on logic, however, those who know how to control their emotions and rely only on numbers – as true nerds do – are the ones walking away with big jackpots in the end! Since there’s still a long way from deciding what number is going to win this turn until you have collected your winnings – don’t forget that winning takes patience – one would think it’s quite easy not being influenced by emotions at all.

#1 Rule: Bet Max When You Have A Good Feeling!

The game’s name is called “Slot Machine”, it’s not called “Choosing the Right Number”! This might be common knowledge for many, but most beginners make a mistake in their heads to approach this game like it was roulette. That means they are looking for a specific number instead of matching them all with different values at once. The slot machine cannot get any simpler than that: Bet max when you have a good feeling, bet minimum when you don’t! Regardless of whether you’re playing 3 or 5 reels, just by following one simple rule – Bet Max When You Have A Good Feeling! – More than 50% of your sessions will result in wins. Of course, there are more rules which can help you even better.

#2 Rule – Do Not Get Attached To Specific Numbers

Although it’s a really good sign when you’re winning on a slot machine, it cannot be very pleasant when your wins keep coming from the same three numbers. Sooner or later, you will start having more losses than wins, and this is usually caused by the fact that some gamblers get attached to specific numbers (usually their lucky number). You must avoid this! A professional player has no favorite numbers! Instead of betting max every time, try following these steps: Bet minimum on your favorite number and maximum on any other. Although you might end up with even fewer winnings in the short run, remember that there’s still one additional rule which can help you beat the casino.

#3 Rule – Adjust Your Bet after Each Win

Without any question, this is the most important rule of them all for online casinos! When you follow only up to two rules – which you can do by following the first two – your frustration will grow after every losing session. But when applying one additional rule over and over again, like adjusting your bet after each win, your chip pile will grow exponentially! This means that if you are sticking with these three essential strategies (you should!), it’s just a matter of finding the right slot game to maximize your chances of hitting it big.

#4 Rule – Look Out For Special Icons!

Special symbols are usually called ‘wild’ or ‘expanding’. Suppose you reach a situation where one of the surrounding reels has a wild icon. In that case, your chances are getting higher to get another win because it will expand its original function, i.e. match all nearby icons no matter what they are. However, keep in mind that paying lines don’t have to be activated anywhere near the expanding icon to get credited with wins. This means even if you bet the minimum on every pay line and there’s only one single pay line left that doesn’t touch the special icon, you’re still eligible for getting paid when it expands!

#5 Rule – Keep Winning!

Don’t get too excited if you hit the jackpot game and become a millionaire. Only by keeping your winnings instead of cashing out is how you can move from being a slot machine beginner to an experienced casino player. The more experience you have with different types of slots, the better chances are that you’ll be able to find pay lines that lead directly from the highest paying symbol to the expanding or special icon. In this case, it’s straightforward to keep your earnings while another gambler might not even notice it! It comes down to knowing where precisely on the reels should these icons match up! This is even though gambling has already been well tested by many people.

All of the above-mentioned rules can be applied by everyone, no matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced player. Just remember: The only way to earn money is through learning!

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