This article shares valuable lessons we can glean from our grandparents through an emotional letter. These lessons are crucial because they stem from their life experiences. You won’t find these teachings in any book or on the internet; instead, they’re conveyed through a YouTube video.


May be everyone says very confidently that they up brought their child with lots of dedication and teach him what is best for him, but still sometime we forgot to teach very basic and necessary rules of life that exactly helps him in pursuing his life smoothly and strongly. But this ‘dadaji’ is very sweet enough, that on the very first day of his grandson on the earth, he decided to teach him what exactly the life is and how actually he has to face it in future.

Truly Sweet Utterl Emotional Letter From Grandpa To His Newly Born Grandson Just To Teach Him What Exactly Life Is Abouts


To sum up lessons from old people such as grandfather, grandmother hold an insignificant value. They still convey their feeling and thoughts by writing letter. Their lessons, rooted in a lifetime of experiences, shape a perspective that enriches  understanding of life.

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