Delhi is not just the capital of India; it’s the sole capital of laughing entertainment, overcrowded metros, bowed autorikshawala, and taxi drivers, among many other unique instances and elements. Delhi has its own style and is unique enough to attract others. Samrat Roy and Abhishek Prasad two artists who artistically represent Delhi with plenty of creativity in a poster called ‘Dilli Tere Baap Ki Nahi’…

Delhi, or Dilli as it is affectionately known, is a city that pulsates with life, color, and a unique blend of tradition and modernity. Its vibrant streets, rich history, and diverse culture come together to create an atmosphere unlike any other in the world. In an attempt to capture the spirited essence of Delhi, here are 10 clownish posters that purely define the city’s dynamic character.


Chaos and Colors of Chandni Chowk:

Embrace the lively chaos of Chandni Chowk with a poster depicting the bustling market streets, vibrant shops, and the kaleidoscope of colors that define this historical area. The poster should showcase the energetic spirit of Delhi’s oldest and busiest market.

Rickshaws and Rambunctious Rides:

Highlighting the quintessential Delhi experience, a poster featuring autorickshaws zigzagging through traffic, honking horns, and navigating the city’s labyrinthine roads captures the unique transportation charm of Dilli.

Monuments and Mischief at India Gate:

Blend history with a touch of humor by illustrating the iconic India Gate, surrounded by families enjoying picnics, vendors selling street food, and perhaps a few mischievous characters engaging in light-hearted antics.

The Quirky Characters of Connaught Place:

Bring alive the cosmopolitan vibe of Connaught Place by showcasing its diverse mix of people, from office-goers in a rush to artists showcasing their talents on the streets, creating a vivid snapshot of the city’s melting pot.

Political Satire in Parliament:

Craft a poster with a satirical take on Indian politics, incorporating elements of humor and caricatures to reflect the political hub that Delhi is. Include iconic symbols and landmarks to represent the political landscape.

Street Food Fiesta in Old Delhi:

Celebrate Delhi’s gastronomic delights with a poster featuring street vendors serving up delectable treats like chaat, parathas, and kebabs. Highlight the city’s love affair with food in a playful and appetizing manner.

Diverse Delhites in Dilli Haat:

Capture the cultural diversity of Delhi by portraying people from various states and backgrounds dressed in traditional attire at the vibrant Dilli Haat. This poster would embody the spirit of unity in diversity that defines the city.

Delhi Metro Dalliance:

Illustrate the daily commute on the Delhi Metro with a humorous twist, featuring quirky characters and amusing situations that commuters might encounter during their journeys on this lifeline of the city.

Historical Humor at Red Fort:

Blend history with hilarity by creating a poster that incorporates comedic elements into the majestic backdrop of the Red Fort. Imagine historical figures engaging in amusing scenarios, offering a playful take on Delhi’s rich past.

Pigeons and Playfulness at Jama Masjid:

Depict the courtyard of Jama Masjid, filled with pigeons and locals engaged in playful interactions. This poster would encapsulate the serenity and liveliness coexisting in the heart of Old Delhi.


Delhi, with its vibrant spirit and diverse character, is a city that thrives on its contradictions and harmonious chaos. These 10 clownish posters aim to capture the essence of Dilli, celebrating its uniqueness, humor, and lively spirit that defines the capital of India.

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