Delhi is not just capital of India, but also it’s the whole sole capital of laughing entertainment, overcrowded metro, over bowed autorikshawala’s and taxi driver too with many more unique instances and elements. Delhi is having its own style and is unique in it to attract others. Samrat Roy and Abhishek Prasad two artists are there who artistically represent Delhi with plenty of creativity in such poster called ‘Dilli Tere Baap Ki Nahi’…

1. Gimme the Keys

Gimme the Keys

2. Kitne Log Hai..

Kitne Log Hai

3. Goes Whatever Your Want..

Goes Whatever Your Want

4. Meter Kaam Ni Kar Raha Maam..

Meter Kaam Ni Kar Raha Sir Maam

5. luggage Cost Extra

luggage Cost Extra

6. Is A punishable Offence

Is A punishable Offence

7. Theka on A car

Theka on A car

8. Desert Cooler

Desert Cooler

9. Ek Ultra Milds Dena..

Ek Ultra Milds Dena

10. Get Payment

Get Payment