We simply cherish television advertisements, since when made well they are keen, astute, clever and can possibly convey solid social messages. Here are nearly two moment diamonds, that talk against sexual orientation inclination, yet the majority of all, effectively appear, the lady of today, neither as superwoman, nor as abla naari, however like any ordinary individual needing to be phenomenal.

The Ariel Ad of #ShareTheLoad, when the father realizes what he had been teaching his daughter, had actually not been so correct in essentials, and goes back to create a fresh example, all for her.

The new Titan Ad of #BreakTheBias, where the “obvious candidate for promotion” rouses the same old suspicion in the clichéd minds, only then for them to be on the receiving end of a surprise, bordering on shock.

The Anouk Ad of the series “Bold is Beautiful”, which boldly showed the love that transpired between two women, sans the typical stereotypical portrayal. It was love in its purest form.

Another ad from Anouk and Myntra of the same series, featuring Radhika Apte, which showed how a pregnant woman is forced to believe that she needs “rest” and should even give rest to her ambitions, in the process.

The Manforce Condoms Ads featuring Sunny Leone, who boldly expresses the fact that women have sexual desires and fantasies too, and there is nothing wrong in it that it needs to be hidden.

The “Brave and Beautiful” initiative by Dabur Vatika managed to make everyone misty eyed with their poignant portrayal of a cancer survivor, who is a devoted wife, a caring mother, an efficient employee, and most of all, a special human being who fought against the odds, to emerge victorious.

The Midea India Ad is the quirkiest one, and the next time your husband asks you what you did at home all day, you can show him this ad. Cute and funny, this one has a strong message as the underlying tone, and we love it.

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