There were times when booking a movie ticket used to be a difficult task and hours of job! Internet and movie ticket booking platforms like BookMyShow has changed the whole scenario. In fact, now you get discounts and freebies on booking tickets online. There are many other ways of ensuring that you do not pay more for a movie ticket. Check out the whole article, and acquaint yourself with all the ways of saving money on your movie tickets.

Pay via e-wallets: There are many e-wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Phone Pe, etc that provide great offers of booking movie tickets, via their wallets. You should actually keep checking the offers section of all these wallets before finally booking a movie ticket.

Try to Buy it in Bulk: When you buy movie tickets in bulk and pay via some digital wallet, then there are high chances that you will get some percentage of paid money as a cash back. Cash backs are a great way of saving money on movie ticket bookings.

Choose a low price day: Many movie theaters offer you movie tickets, on a particular day of the week, at great discounted price points. They do this, to spread out the rush throughout the week. If you use apps like BookMyShow to book movie tickets, you can keep checking the price of movie tickets on this app. It will help you in saving money on your movie ticket bookings.

Bank Card is the Right Way to Pay: Whenever you pay for a movie ticket, ensure that you pay via a bank card that is associated with BookmyShow, so that you get some discount on the payment. ICICI Bank, Kotak Bank, SBI, etc are some of the bankers that provide great offers on movie tickets.

Go for a morning show: Have you ever opened your movie ticket book app and checked the ticket prices of the 1st show of a day? If you have, you would know that usually, you get the 1st show tickets at huge discounted price points. You can book these tickets from any app, or even buy the ticket from counter.

Go via a coupons aggregator website: There are some coupons aggregator websites operating in Indian space that will definitely help you in getting hold of coupon codes and discount offers applicable at various movie ticket booking platforms. You will get discount on movie tickets, if you use coupon codes and promo deals correctly.

Go for Combos: Watching movies can change our perspective on the various issues , They have surprise element, romance, action, horror etc.  A great part of watching movie involves munching on some snack and sipping some beverage. However, if you pay for snacks and drinks at the counter of movie theater, then you would end up paying extra money. Instead, you can order the combo of movie ticket and snacks. You will actually get flat discount on buying combos, if you buy the combo from some online movie ticket booking platform.

Do not ignore gift vouchers: Many a times, when you shop from some online store, they give you freebies in form of percentage discount on movie ticket bookings (as a gesture of gratitude!). Never forget to use these offers and coupons.