The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic followed by lockdowns made life quite difficult, especially for those who used to travel every day for personal or professional purposes. Spending days without any engagement is always difficult, however, the mobile games made it easier for people to deal with the sudden change in their lifestyle.

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The mobile gaming industry witnessed unexpected growth during the pandemic as more people started enjoying different online games. Recently, Your Story published an article where it stated that Google-KPMG declared India as the fastest growing mobile gaming market in the world, recording an annual growth of 22% that is expected to reach $1.1 billion by 2021.

There are multiple online gaming platforms like MPL that offer an easy-to-use interface and smooth navigation for players to enjoy the game. These mobile games not only allow individuals to spend their lockdowns and enjoy their work from home sessions conveniently but also provided them a chance to play with their friends while maintaining social distance. There are a lot of games to enjoy with friends but the top 4 of them available on the virtual platform have been listed below:

8 Ball Pool Game

Among multiple games that are played online professionally, 8 ball pool is the most preferred one. On a pool table, gamers can play it as a singles game or doubles with cue sticks and 16 balls. Out of those 16, 15 are object balls and one is a cue ball used to strike the other balls on the table. If you think snooker and billiards are more interesting cue sports, you should play 8 ball pool online. It is a comparatively higher-speed game and millions of Indians already prefer this sport both online and offline.

As you enter the game, either you or your opponent will be asked to place the cue ball on the Pool table. You will now have to drag the cue stick circularly and aim at the ball. Use the strike point on the cue ball and spin it when required. Then, pull the cue stick down to take control of the force and then release it for the shot you want. To avoid committing a foul in the 8 ball pool game:

  • You hit the ball of your opponent
  • You pot the ball of your opponent
  •  The cue ball does not touch your desired ball
  •  You pot the cue ball
  • The ball hit does not touch the Pool Table rail

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

With five players locally located, you can enjoy this popular video game irrespective of your age. If you have ever played the PC version of the game, you know how interesting and exciting it is. Well, the Pocket Edition is in no way less adventurous and thrilling than its PC counterpart. Using Wi-Fi, you and your friends can connect to the same network and enjoy the game on your iOS and Android phones hassle-freely.

In case, you are unable to join the game on the same network, you can all come together on the save server to enjoy this multiplayer mobile game. If you think you hardly get time to connect and spend time with your younger family members, join them in the game and see the enhancement in your bonding with your younger partners.


The game which never fails to make us smile and reminiscence our childhood days – LUDO. The popularity and interest of people belonging to different age groups in the game made the online gaming industry introduce the online version of the same. You can play it alone with some unknown members or the computer itself while you can also make your group of friends join the game. What you need to do is share the code generated online with your friends and they will enter the code to start the game. The game is all about four players racing their four tokens each from the starting point to the finishing one based on the numbers they get by rolling a die.

As soon as the player gets a six on the die, they are allowed to bring a token out and start moving it forward. The turn transfers from one player to another and they must get 6 or 1 by rolling the die to start forwarding the colored token to the finishing area. The player whose tokens reach the finishing point first is the winner of the game.


On the list of top 4 mobile games to play with your friends online is Rummy. It has been considered one of the most entertaining and exciting card games in the nation for long and it continues to be so even in its latest version as online rummy as well. This has become one of the integral parts of the online gaming industry by becoming the most sought-after card games among people belonging to different age groups. During the initial stages of COVID-19, people were stuck at home without any engagement, which thereby affected their mental growth to a great extent. In such a scenario, Indian Rummy appeared to be the best way for gamers to utilize their mental capabilities and keep their mind working. The rummy player aims to organize the 13 cards from the shuffled invalid sets or sequences that every player receives. Once any player successfully makes a minimum of two sequences, one of which is pure, he becomes the winner.