Johnny Depp is a man of varied tastes and has captivated us with swashbuckling exhibitions in films, both famous and cloud. On one hand, he played Willy Wonka, the kiddies’ top choice; while on the other, he easily pulled off a con man in The Ninth Entryway. Be that as it may, the greater part of us affectionately recollect him as the eccentric yet arrogant Jack Sparrow in The Privateers series.

Here are some of his most memorable quotes as Captain Jack Sparrow. Harrrr matey, harrrrrrr!

#1. My spirit will live on.

#2. Why is the rum always gone?

#3. Why fight when you can negotiate?

#4. Wherever we want to go, we go… that’s what a ship is, you know.

#5. Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.

#6. If you choose to lock your heart away, you’ll lose it for certain.

#7. This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.

#8. The seas may be rough, but I am the Captain! No matter how difficult, I will always prevail.

#9. The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?

#10. My tremendous intuitive sense of the female creature informs me that you are in trouble.

#11. I regret nothing, ever.

#12. Did no one come to save me just because they missed me?

#13. You’ve stolen me and I’m here to take myself back.

#14. I can let you drown.

#15. Close your eyes and pretend it’s all a bad dream. That’s how I get by.

#16. What a man can do and what a man can’t do.

#17. But better to not know which moment may be your last. Every morsel of your entire being is alive to the infinite mystery of it all.

#18. Me? I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for.

#19. Did everyone see that? Because I will not be doing it again.

#20. Why should I sail with any of you? Four of you tried to kill me in the past, one of you succeeded.

#21. I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by.

#22. You’re the ones in the need of rescuing and I’m not sure if I’m in the mood.

#23. You’re not a eunuch, are you?

#24. Hide the rum!

#25. You may kill me but you might never insult me.

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