India is probably one of the most diverse countries that exist in the world today. The customs and language change as you reach every kilometer when you travel across the country. Nonetheless, despite these differences, people come together in unity during festival celebrations.

These festivals are crucial elements in shaping a nation. They’re so crucial, that one can’t name a country that doesn’t have these celebrations.

Among the festivals people celebrate in India are the Guru Poornima, Christmas, Ramzan, and Diwali. Each one of these are connected to religion. There are also festivals that focus on celebrating nature. These are Sankranti, Pongal, and Bihu.

Coming Together

India is covered in a blanket of happiness and unity during these festival celebrations. Hues of different colors from the spectrum are found everywhere, and the air is filled with music, laughter, and cheer. Of course, when the festival requires people to sit in silence and allot head space for reflection, they do that as well.

During festival season, people travel far and wide to be with those they consider dear to them. Airports are loaded with arrivals and departures because togetherness is what these celebrations call for. It moves everyone to set everything aside and be with people they would like to celebrate with.

Disagreements and fights are at a minimum during these times. Communities forget about their differences and develop a newfound appreciation for each other. Since they see each other in a different light, there’s more space for them to forge stronger relationships with each other.

A Sense of Connection

Perhaps this can be strongly linked to the fact that people revisit the teachings from the gods, goddesses, and nature during festival celebrations. The gesture reminds them to practice selflessness, love and kindness the way the gods and goddesses did during their time on earth. It surfaces the reality that the only adversaries present in this world are in illiteracy, poverty and disease. Festivals also put things in perspective, and give everyone the nudge they need so they can bring back the “human” in “humanity.”

In the midst of all the festivities, it is important to remember that these celebrations are done with a specific purpose in mind, which is to reaffirm the commitment that we have to our community, our friends, and most importantly, our family. If you notice, it’s also during these times that people write resolutions or create pledges that will help them grow into better individuals. During festivals like Diwali, they share Diwali cards, gifts & have fun together which strengthen the bond.

Celebrating festivals teaches us to love and share by reminding us of the lessons we received from the guardians of nature and the gods and goddesses many moons ago. They push us to work harder so we can make the world a better place for the generations that will come after us. They also help us remember the presence of the supreme force, the lone force that has the power to reward us for the good deeds that we do, and punish us for the ones that inflict harm not just on ourselves, but also on other people.

Final Words

Of course, along with this promotion of unity among individuals is the recognition that we are one with nature. We are not the only inhabitants of this beautiful planet so we need to do everything we can to make sure that other beings that exist apart from us, specifically other living things, get to live the life they deserve to live. The healthy exchange of love, kindness and selflessness isn’t only for humans. It should be shared with plants and animals, too.