There is no uncertainty about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ popularity with regards to mobile gaming. Ever since it’s launch, this mobile game is continuously developing on account of the love it’s getting from versatile gamers. There are numerous reasons to love this game including regular updates and season ranking. Another great factor behind the success of PUBG is that the mobile game allowed gamers to communicate with each other through voice chat all over the world.

Powered by the Tencent development team, fans are quickly catching up with the PC version of the game as well, with a number of different map options now available. It was recently revealed that PUBG Mobile surpassed 100 million downloads within 4 months of release, excluding China, Japan and Korea. Other than that, PUBG is also coming to PLayStation in the month of December, expanding it’s audience even more. That’s not to mention the over 20 million concurrent users the game now boasts on all platforms.

The game has also been rewarded in other ways, winning another award at the Golden Joystick Awards for Best Mobile Game of the Year. The team is honoured and thrilled that PUBG MOBILE has been recognised by 2018 Golden Joystick Awards,” said Vincent Wang, general manager, PUBG MOBILE global publishing team.

The response to the game from fans has energised everyone at the team as the whole team is down working on new, exciting updates and contents for PUBG MOBILE.

Every season in PUBG usually lasts for three months, meaning that Season 4 should be arriving in a couple of days. In the event that you are one of the players who jump at the chance to enhance season ranking then you should be anxiously sitting tight for the PUBG Mobile season 4. The PUBG Mobile Season 4 release date will be a big event for all fans of the portable Battlegrounds shooter. Not only will it spell the end of Season 3 but it’s also been confirmed that it will come packaged with other updates too.

It follows news that next week, PUBG Mobile will be updated to version 0.9.5, along with the Royale Pass Season 4.

PUBG mobile has finally confirmed that the update will be pushed on 20th November with some new features and royal pass. This time the server won’t go offline. So it is expected that the season will start from 21 November worldwide.

PUBG Mobile Season 4 Updates

Eragnel Hardcore is going to be a new option in the PUBG mobile’s arcade mode. This mode on Erangel map won’t show you any enemy footprint on the map and no bullet firing direction. It’s placed in the arcade mode mode where all you need is good headphones and attentive game sense. There won’t be any assistance for you to find enemy location. No red marks or footprints. You’ll have to find your enemies on your own and the game won’t help you.

The new season is also coming up with the new automatic assault rifle M762. The firearm you could just loot from bots in the last season, you can get it on looting spots simply like different weapons.

The scooter on the sanhok map in PC version that we loved so much is coming to the mobile version as well. They are additionally including the dynamic climate in Sanhok map so that you can feel the breeze of rain in the middle of your game.

Which season didn’t bring along new garments, skins and acts? You’ll get the chance to see some cool skins for your weapons, backpacks, vehicles, planes, parachutes and so on. In any case, an ongoing arrangement among PUBG and Suicide Squad film can bring the Joker and Harley Quinn characters on your mobile game. These characters skins are already available in PUBG’s PC version and there are some informal sources proposing that we’ll get the chance to see them on PUBG Mobile too.

The new season UI is also teasing another up and coming map this winter. It will be a snow map beyond any doubt. We don’t know when it’ll come yet it is expected that the new map will be released some time in the middle of this season simply like the Sanhok map in season 3.