Inglorious Jaat is getting married but has no idea what happens during wedding night. So he came to Mumbai and asked people what happens during suhagraat? Checkout their funny replies.

I am going to put it all on the line and say that we as a whole comprehend what to do on a suhaagraat.
Be that as it may, how might we respond if an irregular person in the city would come up to us and request tips to make his suhaagraat extraordinary?

Disregard an arbitrary person, how might we carry on the off chance that one of our dear companions came up to us and asked us suhaagraat tips?

Vox Fabula thought of precisely this problem when they made a honest yet road savvy Jat go out in the city of Mumbai and ask arbitrary outsiders how he can make his suhaagraat important for his significant other.

The answers he got, both from young men and young ladies are absolutely cumbersome and comical.