There’s something extraordinary about Diwali that no other celebration matches. It’s actually a blast of hues, lights, joy and a great deal of desserts that individuals wouldn’t fret swallowing down who (fortunately) for a couple days, disregard each one of those additional calories being devoured. The wafer blasting sessions which take you back to a period when Diwali was unadulterated rapture – your youth. It’s that time when your companions will take a gander at you wear your customary best and bring many pictures with you to grab the minute since they know this is most likely the main time they’ll see you look ‘Indian’.

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Diwali is a little bit of “life” in every small ritual that follows with it. But the best part about a Diwali party is the card games. It’s when you know you’re going to give away so much more than just money. Winning, losing, jubilation and humiliation are all a part of it!

In a similar situation, these set of friends decided to meet each other on Diwali to play cards and whilst they almost reached the end of the came – Boom! A guy drops a bomb that none of the others were expecting to receive.

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