The Iftar ceremonial dinner is literally a celebration of accurate meals – an afternoon-long restrain culminated into an unbridled indulgence of mouth-watering delicacies. Historically, one is meant to break the Roza with dates as it is believed that prophet Mohammad additionally broke his rapid by way of consuming 3 dates.

  • Kabuli Pulao

The traditional rice training cooked alongside chunky chickpeas.


  • Lahori Special Gajrella from Gawal Mandi

End your iftar on a sweet word with this fool evidence iftar recipe, this carrot-primarily based dessert is loaded with the goodness of milk, khoya, rice and nuts.

  • Shahi tukada

One of the superstar desserts of the essential Iftar menu. Cant pass incorrect with this Iftar recipe.

  • Dum Biryani

Mutton portions are marinated and cooked in a mouth-watering masala. Those are layered as a substitute with basmati rice and cooked on dum.

  • Sheer Khurma

A special vermicelli pudding great loved in the course of eid and ramzaan festivities.

  • Chicken Shammi Kebab

Juicy chicken pieces are minced and mixed with channa dal and a host of masalas. Work them up into patties and fry till crisp.