We know every woman has two jobs – one at the office and one at home. She multitasks and handles both almost single handedly. It’s time to understand why. It’s time to get to the root of the issue. Is it our upbringing? Are we passing gender roles that haven’t evolved with the times? Watch this film and share your thoughts.

Over the recent days there has been one video that has caught the consideration of each online networking someone who is addicted. THIS is the video that has made everybody wake up and observe what each father needs to tell his little girl. Acquire her up a domain where she discovers that her mom and dad are equivalents and consequently ought to #ShareTheLoad with regards to residential tasks like clothing.
This father acknowledges there were expanding openings in the childhood of his little girl and that sexual orientation generalizations are developed from an extremely youthful age. His enthusiastic letter to his girl breaks our hearts (and the thought of cliché sexual orientation parts). What he does alongside compensate for it, is totally startling. This video by Ariel filled our heart with joy, trust it makes yours as well!

Video Source: Ariel India

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