US President Donald Trump’s Twitter bumbles are just the same old things to us. His tweets give feed to the trolls without fail, and this time his Diwali wishes got the job done.

You know the expression, better late than never? No doubt, Donald Trump pursues that religiously; in any event, specially when it comes to India. The President of the United States loves making a splash with each move he makes, each progression he takes; we’ll be watching him. Regardless of whether he’s late to the gathering, he generally makes an entrance, whether great or terrible. For the most part, the latter.

Discussing coming late to gatherings, while India and the world observed Diwali a week ago on November 7, naturally Senor Trump needed to commend it seven days after the festival, by lighting a ceremonial ‘diya’ in the White House. It was more a luxurious glossy light than the conventional earthen diya, but hey, baby got bling.

Furthermore, be that as it may, Trump knows about Diwali just as much as Michael Scott, or possibly less. After a regularly racist allusion to how Indians are “great” at trade negotiations otherwise known as haggling, he at that point casually forgot the nation’s biggest religious group; you know, the population that really commend the celebration with the most intensity: the Hindus.

Initially, the official Twitter account of President Trump posted a tweet that read, “Today, we gathered for Diwali, a holiday observed by Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains throughout the United States & around the world.”
Several Twitter users were quick to point out that Trump had obviously missed wishing Hindus in the tweet, the post was deleted and a fresh tweet was put up instead. However, in a comedy of errors, the second post tweeted by President Trump also omitted the mention of Hindus.

Netizens quickly pointed out his mistake and trolled him brutallyon twitter.

It actually took President Donald Trump three attempts to get his tweets right, but till then the harm was already done.

And this isn’t even the first time that Trump’s twitter has made such a big blunder. His twitter account is a gift to troll pages that keeps on giving.