Laxmi Priya, the actress who acted in a Tamil short film named “LAXMI” directed by Sarjun got so many criticised comments and the actress was made part of memes and abuse.

In a video shot by fully films, the actress reads out all the nasty comments she got and hoe positively she reacted to all this is worth praising. She said that she’s acted in so many films but its only this one that has made her so popular among audience. She reads out the comments, one of which said that laxmi was unsuccessful in putting her husband on the right track and if she chooses to go with someone else, she is equal to prostitutess. She laughs at this and also said that it was a short film and there is no way that public can understand how much effort Laxmi puts in putting her husband on the right track.

Again there is another comment stating that the director should make some short films that involve some social issues, to which Laxmi replies that “so, have you watched all social awareness films?”

As usual, there were the “spoiling Indian culture” messages and Lakshmi responded to one of these by saying she felt really powerful right now, thinking she could have such an impact. “But unfortunately, that is not true,” she quipped.

One of the comments said that the person would meet the director’s wife and that the video would be uploaded on YouTube. Calling the comment “really mean”, Lakshmi said, “You are a very sick person and I think you should stop commenting on YouTube.”

Again, the next comment said “why only hindu goddess’s name , Laxmi? Why not Fathima or Mary. ” Clearly exasperated, Lakshmi says it’s unnecessary to bring in religion into this.

Laxmi added “everyone has a right to critique a film but it shouldnt be in a disrespectful manner. I am an actor, my job is to convert writer’s thoughts into performance. For this you call me a prostitute, porn star? I really think this is uncalled for. Every role I do, that’s not how I live my life. I have a life and you’ll never get to know what I’m doing.”

The actor ended the video by reiterating that criticism was welcome but “just be respectful”, she said.