Our love for Drake’s song is unconditional. Folks shout out loud when he performs at concerts. He is not only an amazing singer but also a great human being. He has a vast art with vast humanity.


At Wednesday, drake was performing at Marquee Club, Sydney but suddenly he halted his performance, he asked for the music to be stopped and pointed out the man who was groping women.

“Yo, stop that s**t,” Drake told the man. “If you don’t stop touching girls, I’m gonna come out there and f**k you up.”

Drake made it clear that no shit will be tolerated in his shows. After this the crowd started cheering him wildly. Drake did not kept silence when something wrong was happening in front of his eyes.


One of the person present at the concert update the video of the incident at Instagram:

The social media gave full support to Drake’s action and promoted his action.

Drake’s call on sexual harassment have motivated other musicians also to take a pledge and stop the harassment at their own level.

Some are saying Drake did it for attention…

But whatever they say we still love Drake and his gesture towards humanity!