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20 Comics Which Demonstrate The Endless Battle Between The Heart And The Brain

Our hearts and our brains are forever at loggerheads with each other.
The heart says, “Go for it!” The brain says, “Wait and analyse.”
The heart says, “Love is beautiful!” The brain says, “Love is a waste of time.”
The heart says, “WOW!” The brain says, “WHOA! Stop.”

Capturing this beautiful and ceaseless fight, The Awkward Yeti has made funny, cute, and overall very honest comics about what goes on between our two most important organs.

We show you some of the best!

1. When you wake up but your brain is still dead.

2. When Netflix is more important than literally everything.

3. When losing yourself is the key to finding peace.

4. When love has enraptured both of them.

5. When a night of debauchery gets the tummy involved.

6. When pizza is bae.

7. When procrastination was the solution to all problems.

8. When the brain messes with the heart.

9. When books are brain food.

10. When dieting just won’t work.

11. When coffee just gets you.

12. When novelty consumes you.

13. When gifts are always welcome (even if they’re from yourself).

14. When brain gets the upper hand.

15. When the heart knows how to really LIVE.

16. When 9GAG and lolcats dominate your every desire.

17. When all work and no play makes heart a dull organ.

18. When epiphanies just need to be written down.

19. When all that matters is your happiness.

20. When life is so bad, it’s funny.

So who wins? Who can say? It’ll always be a fight until we have emotions and conscience co-existing.

Work. Enjoy. Work. Dance. Work. Cake! Work…

Images and cover image source: The Awkward Yeti




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