Menstruation cycle occurs regularly that occurs in the female reproductive system. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs monthly, it is the change of a girl to puberty. And there are many customs that are followed during the menstruation time.

Earlier when pads and tampons were not invented, at that time females were forced to bleed in the open. Rituals were begun as an approach to give some break to ladies with the goal that their frail bodies can get the truly necessary rest.

In non-western societies Menstruation is still considered as a taboo. However, science has progressed and proper measures became available to ladies. Still in many regions women are considered impure during the cycle.

Here is the list of some bizzare rituals that are followed all around:

#1.In India Tamil Nadu, proper ceremony takes place when a girl starts menstruating. It is no less than a wedding. The ceremony is called ‘Manjal Neerattu Vizha’. All the family members and friends are invited at the ceremony. It is like a marriage where she is gifted a saree.

#2.In Brazil, the girl is forced to ‘swallow an Egg’ when they get their first period. And if she fails to swallow the whole egg then it is considered as a bad sign, it means killing your baby. Isn’t it naive?

#3.In Assam a girl who gets her first period is known as ‘Tuloni Biya’. She is supposed to get arrested in a separate room where no one can enter neither men are allowed to see her face for 4 days. Beetles wrapped in red clothe are kept in neighborhood. She can not step out in sunlight. She is loaded with new bridal clothes and jewelry.

#4.The most hilarious of all. In Philippines, gets an anti-acne treatment on her first period. The panty with her blood stains is rinsed and then that panty is smudged over her face as it is believed that the girl will not get pimples in future.

#5. In Kerala woman has to remain in isolation during her first three days of periods. The bunch of coconut flowers are placed in front of the oil lamp. It is believed that girl would have as many children as bunch of flowers.

#6. In Turkey women are slapped when they share the menstruating news with their family. It is done to give them the sense of shame throughout. It is one of the worst and the most scariest rituals of all.

|Don’t worry there are some sweet rituals also which are made to embrace womanhood|

#7. When a girls gets her first period she is made to lick nectar keeping in mind the end goal to make future periods less problematic. Isn’t this the cutest of all!

#8. In Karnataka neighboring women do Aarti of the girl on her period who is dressed up like a princess. The married women sing and in the celebration. Coconut, betel leaves, sweets, etc. are gifted to the guests.