War movies speak straight to our hearts. Independent of nationality, language and culture,they have a universal appeal. War is a curse upon humanity and some films often remind us of the pain and horror that it brings to people. But there are several other war movies that are made to display patriotism or convey other political messages. In spite of the fact that their stands on war may shift, one thing that is basic in all war movies is their emotional appeal. These movies might be pro-war or anti-war, but they take us straight to the center of the action. They show us war zones where demise and life move together, hand in hand; they uncover people who act like gods and devils at the same time.Here is the list of great armed force movies on Amazon Prime that are available to stream right now:

1. City of Ghosts

2. Journey’s End

3. Enemy at the Gates

4. The Flowers of War

5. The Grey Zone

6. The Great Escape

7. Hotel Rwanda

8. Downfall

9. A Mighty Heart

10. Platoon (1986)