When most people think about small animals as domesticated pets, they often automatically imagine a couple of bunny rabbits binkying around the garden, but a smaller group of animal lovers and owners have another little animal in mind.

Guinea pigs are some of the most fascinating small mammals of all and with the right amount of care and attention, the bond you can form between you and your guinea pigs is second to none. With this in mind, welcome to the secret world of guinea pigs.

Guinea Pigs Are Small Yet Confident

Even though they are small in stature, guinea pigs are one of the most friendly and social of all the different species of rodents in the world and absolutely thrive when they are kept with other guinea pigs, so you must always have at least two living together.

Different guinea pigs have differing personalities, just like any other animal, but on the whole, unless they have been mistreated or have fallen seriously ill in the past, these beautiful animals are curious and bold by nature, and most are even fearless when it comes to interacting with their human companions.

Guinea Pigs Need to Eat Almost Constantly

To ensure your guinea pigs stay fit and healthy, it is important to ensure that not only do they have a special companion pig and enough space to run around in when the mood takes them, but also that you are feeding them correctly.

If you are unsure as to what your guinea pig needs, then do not hesitate to contact ortinganimalhospital.com who will be more than happy to answer any questions, queries or concerns you may have.

Guinea Pigs Need Comfortable & Absorbent Bedding

Unlike rabbits, their small animal guinea pig cousins are unlikely to ever be entirely toilet trained and moreover, do tend to go where they please, especially when they are munching on their timothy hay.

As a result, the type of bedding you choose for your guinea pig’s hutch should be absorbent as well as comfortable. It is crucial, however, that you do not use wood shavings, as this can be damaging to your guinea pigs’ feet and lungs; instead, choose a mixture of hay, polyester fleece and cotton cloths and towels.

Guinea Pigs Eyes Are the Window to Their Health

Finally, it is also exceedingly important to make yourself aware of the key signs of illness or injury in your guinea pig and, as prey animals, this is substantially harder than with other animals like cats and dogs.

Make sure that your guinea pig’s eyes are always fully open, symmetrical and look clear and bright and that there are no crusty bits in the corners or red patches. If your guinea pig shows signs of flay skin or starts to molt more than within the normal seasonal parameters, then this is something else to ask your vet about.

Additionally, you should also conduct regular checks of your guinea pig’s tummy, bottom and under their chin and if you do suspect something is wrong, take them to the vet immediately.

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