A flat tire is a thing that can ruin even the best bike trip. However, riders can forget dragging around their patch kits and pumps, because Nexo created an airless tire to ensure they keep pedaling.

Flat-free tires aren’t new, however they weren’t widely used because of poor stiffness and shock absorption, compared to the conventional ones. But this Utah-based company claims to have found a solution to these problems. The tires are made from polymeter blends that are said to offer not only a perfect balance of cushion and resilience, but durability as well. The product comes in two different shapes – tires to be mounted on existing wheels with a lifespan of up to 3,100 miles, and others, which replace the entire wheel set and last for up to 5,000 miles.

If that’s not enough, Nexo made their products from a single material, which makes recyclability really easy. Considering that 10,000,000 tons of bike tires and tubes are discarded every year, that’s certainly a step in the right direction.

These innovative bike tires can’t get flat


They are made from polymeter blends that offer durability and a perfect balance of cushion and resilience


Users can mount them on their wheels or purchase entirely new wheel sets


Cyclists can ride these tires for up to 5,000 miles


Because they’re made from a single material, recycling becomes really easy


Are you ready to say goodbye to conventional tires?


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More info: Kickstarter (h/t: treehugger)