In any case, a few people just consider her to be the performing artist who did a ‘simulated intercourse’ in Dried. The scene has been standing out as truly newsworthy again as the motion picture discharged in India. Be that as it may, Radhika’s had enough of the dramatization around it. As of late, when a columnist suggested a conversation starter concerning her released close scene from Dried, the performer gave him some appropriately harsh criticism.

Given the number of controversies that Radhika has faced ever since she stepped in to Bollywood, he asked her whether it’s important to be bold or controversial in order to achieve success in such a short while.

To be honest, the question was quite stupid and Radhika’s anger is more than justified. By asking something like this, the reporter completely disregarded all the great work that Radhika has ever done and ended up blaming her for taking cheap shots at fame.
Her anger speaks for every artist whose talent has been shamed like this.

Source:Bollywood Spy