Dream House
Dream House

The draw towards building your own home is completely understandable. Not only is their pride attached to creating something impressive, but also making a home perfectly suited to your wants and needs. If you are ready to live the dream, here’s what you need to know about building your own home.

Locate Your Land

You will need to find a plot for your home to be built upon. Empty plots with existing planning permission are the simplest, but you may also find plots with dilapidated structures or no permissions that could also make for an ideal spot. You may need to demolish existing buildings or talk to relevant planning authorities, but finding the perfect land is your first port of call.

Draw Up the Designs

Get in touch with an architect and talk to them about your plans for the construction. Whether you have vague notions or concrete visions for what the property should be like, your architect will be able to guide you and make expert suggestions. Look over their drawings, and don’t be afraid to speak up if you have any issues. Although it will cost money to make changes to designs, it is cheaper than tearing down an unwanted wall once construction has started or, worse yet, after the house is complete.

Find the Funds

One of the biggest hurdles in building your own home will be securing enough money to cover the costs of design and construction. There are also costs associated with gaining permission and paying for administrative fees along the way. A hard money loan for new construction is an efficient way to accumulate funds without delay for building your new home. Unless you are fortunate enough to already have access to money for your self-build, sourcing a loan will be one of your top priorities in the early stages. How much you can secure will dictate the success of the rest of your project.

Contact Contractors

After you have found your ideal plot, acquired the necessary permissions, designed the floor plan, and secured the funds, you can start asking for quotes from builders. This will help you gain an understanding of what the going rates are and who to hire. Meet them in person if possible so you can be sure that you trust them with your project.

Make Time for Mistakes

No matter how thoroughly you plan your self-build, something will probably go wrong. This isn’t to say that you should expect disaster, but rather that you should be prepared for delays or obstacles along the way. By factoring these in at an early stage, they will be easier to overcome when they arise.

More and more people are coming to see just how special and fulfilling it can be to build your own home from the ground up. There is something primal about possessing the ability to provide shelter for yourself and your family. In basic terms, you will need to find your plot, design the structure, secure financing, and recruit builders before starting construction. Hopefully, this short guide will be your jumping-off point for breaking ground on your own self-build project.

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