There are a lot of wonderful things happening in the world and one of them is web series. These Indian web series on YouTube and other websites are free to watch – all you need is an internet connection! So grab some junk food, soda, get comfortable and spend this weekend binge-watching these awesome shows!

#1. Girl In The City

The title itself is pretty self-explanatory but if you want to know a little more, it’s about a curly and big-haired girl named Meera. Meera moves to Mumbai to do what she’s always dreamed of doing: making her break into the fashion world, no matter how miniscule the break might be. Girl In The City, a show by Bindass, is well-scripted, hilarious and relatable, and Meera is an embodiment of all of us chasing our dreams.

#2. Man’s World

If you’re someone who cares deeply about equality for the sexes and are vexed about how unfair life is, this is definitely a series that’s tailor made for you. Men’s lives are swapped with women’s lives and quite suddenly, the world shifts its power dynamics. Man’s World is a very interesting series, one that will have you hooked on till the very end.

#3. Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa

How does one talk about sex with a child? Having “the sex talk” with a kid is always going to be beyond uncomfortable and, if done incorrectly, may be counterproductive. Produced by Y-Films, Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa is funny in its own witty way and hits home by drawing attention to the lack of sex education in this country. Bonus: The kid is absolutely adorable!

#4. Not Fit

We are all struggling, in our very own way, in different spheres of life, through all our ups and downs, but no one seems to be struggling quite as much as the “struggling actor”, Neerav Kapoor, the protagonist of Not Fit. Dice Media gets two thumbs ups for this brilliant web series. Prepare yourself for a laugh riot.

#5. Permanent Roommates

You’ve probably watched the whole thing already, but TVF’s Permanent Roommates deserves a special mention as this list would be rather incomplete without it. It chronicles the lives of a long-distance couple and their journey towards the altar. Very realistic, very funny and very well made! Do watch it if you haven’t already!

#6. Tripling

We never do grow up, do we? We are just little kids masquerading in adult bodies, especially when it comes to our siblings. We love them beyond measure and love to hate them even more. Sibling wars will never, ever end. Another jewel of a series by TVF, Tripling is about three siblings and their road-trip adventure

#7. Confessions: It’s Complicated

Part of being an adult usually includes moving to a new city and taking up a new job. This leap of faith can be very hectic and can easily get to you. Confessions: It’s Complicated is about three lost girls who find solace, friendship, love and themselves in each other.

#8. Bang Baaja Baaraat

Bang Baaja Baaraat isn’t any other run of the mill relationship-shaadi web series and has quite an interesting plot. Another awesome series by Y-Films; Pawan and Shahana meet through a popular dating site and soon this casual fling develops into love. As both of them come from different communities, their respective folks aren’t too happy about this arrangement.

#9. The ‘Other’ Love Story

This beautiful love story about a lesbian couple shows us the struggles that the LGBTQ community faces in India, every day. They fight all odds to be with each other and this extremely well-curated series is a joy to watch. The ‘Other’ Love Story will hit you right in the feels.

#10. Shaadi Boys

Since the wedding season is upon us (and how!), this is going to quite a fun series to watch. This is what every Indian wedding boasts of and much, much more! Shaadi Boys, a Voot Originals production, has it all – naach, gaana, sex and drama!