Sex is an important string in a long run relationship like marriage. It attaches you more to the partner. But there are some people who aren’t having a happy relationship as they are not having sex. No sexual relationship means less of attachment.

It is a torture man!

<>There are some confessions on Huffingston Post by couples who are into sexless relationship.

#1.My wife and I haven’t had sex in months. She says it’s because she’s stressed about me being stressed. I’m stressed because we haven’t had sex. It’s an endless loop.

#2. I’m in a sexless marriage I hate it and he knows it. But he does nothing about it.

#3. I want to leave my sexless marriage but I am so worried about what it will do to the children that I will probably stay.

#4. Being in a sexless marriage sucks. This wasn’t what I signed up for, but I’d never leave her.

#5. My husband won’t have sex with me and refuses to deal with that issue. I’m getting frustrated.

#6. I masturbate in the shower almost every night because my husband won’t have sex with me.

#7. My husband won’t have sex with me. And when I ask he says I ask too much and he’s too stressed. His rejection is really starting to hurt.

#8. My wife doesn’t have sex with me so I’ve decided to stop caring about it but it’s hard.

#9. I don’t know how I’m going to keep going in a sexless marriage.

#10. I’m trapped in a sexless marriage. I love my spouse but I have needs!

#11. I can’t believe my marriage has come to this. I can’t believe I’m in a sexless marriage at 33. He doesn’t even try anymore. What’s expected of me? Now I understand why people cheat. We all need intimacy.

#12. I try my best to never make her feel guilty for our sexless marriage, but on the inside I just want to scream.