Wedding day is a very special day in every girls life. Every girl dreams of her Big day. Whatever they say, most of them have planned their entire day since long. From the dress to the hairdo, music and the decor, everything has a very special place in a brides heart and she wishes everything to be perfect on that day. There is so much to plan around the wedding that many times they ignore the fact that they need to pamper themselves too. Let the event organization worry about the preparation and you take care of yourself. Take your mind of the preparations and think about how important that day is for you and how you want to look on that day. As you plan to look extravagant on the wedding day, here are some ways in which you can have a flawless glowing skin: 

Start early

If you want to attain that flawless glow on your skin and you want it to come naturally, then you need to start prepping up early. It is suggested that you start with the beauty routine at least six months prior to the wedding. You don’t want to look back at your wedding pictures and wonder why you didn’t work those dark circles through.

Keep smiling

Nothing can make a bride look more beautiful than a wide, genuine smile on her face. Pay attention to your oral health as well and make sure you can keep up that prefect smile of yours during the wedding. The happier you stay, the more your skin would glow.

Work out

Imagine You have finally picked out the prefect wedding dress for yourself. That is exactly the one you were wishing for and you can just picture yourself walking down the aisle in it. But you soon realize that it is not going to fit you. How shattering is it going to be. You do not have to skin yourself out in order to fit into that dress, just exercise enough to stay fit and healthy and look gorgeous in your chosen dress.


Even the make up artists understand that the bride needs to look pretty on her big day, and that she wants it to look natural. There are many bridal packages that they offer keeping in mind the desires of a bride- to- be. Choose the package that suits to the most and start pampering your skin a little extra during the last months to the wedding. Facial helps relax the muscles ad improves the blood circulation on the face, making you look relaxed and have a pink glow from the inside.


While beauty sittings and parlour are a good way to ensure your skin looks healthy, it cannot beat the glow you can have from eating good. Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is the easiest way to keep your skin look refreshed and young. Fruits that are rich in vitamin A, B6 and C are also very good for your skin. Add watermelon, lettuce, broccoli in your diet and you can notice the difference on your skin yourself.

Open pores

The open pores can make your skin look dull and damaged and even make up cannot hide that. Massaging on the cheeks softly and using toner can help you with the open mores and make your skin look flawless.

Hair do

You cannot ignore the role your hair play in your overall look. You have the dress of your choice, your skin looks great, but your shabby hair can destroy the whole look. Get your hair cut the way you want a few weeks before the wedding, change your color if you want to and try our different hair styles that you want to carry on the day. Do not wait for the last moment to decide, you do not want to be disappointed on the big day.

It is very important for you to keep calm and relaxed during the wedding preparations. Too much of stress can take away the shine from your face and you do not want that. Event Organisation is the best solution for this. Hire a good event manager and he will make sure you do not have to stress about the wedding preparation and that you get your perfect big day as dreamt of.

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