The best shows on Netflix in 2021 have been lined up and starring big names like  Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gal Gadot,, to mention a few. These shows range from romantic dramas and buddy comedies to action flicks all available on Netflix.

Here are a few shows on Netflix you should be excited about this year.

Lupin (Now Streaming)

This is a limited series adapted from the story about Arsène Lupin, a French  gentleman thief and a master of disguise. In this series, the protagonist is known as Assane Diop although he adopts the identities of different personas as the adventure continues

The series is made in France with the Netflix episodes containing French dialogue dubbed to English for the English speaking audience.

Pretend It’s a city – Documentary

This is a multi-part documentary series directed by Martin Scorsese. It is about critic and author Fran Lebowitz and how they view New York City. The director and author have lived in New York for a long time, which makes it possible to create this series that shows the frustrations and grandeur of living in NYC.

Malcolm and Marie – February 5

The creator of drama series Euphoria, Sam Levinson teams up with Emmy award winner Zendaya to create a romantic drama that will debut on 5th February. In this film, Zendaya and her boyfriend, a filmmaker, return home from a premiere where they get into an intense argument. The controversy and storyline make this movie a great Hollywood romance worth watching.

To all the boys: Always and Forever – February 12

To be able to get the hang of this film, it would be best if you started with the first two movies of the series. This is the 3rd and final sequel in the movie series . Will Lara Jean finally get her happily ever after? Tune in on the 12th of February to find out. To all the boys: Always and Forever, a relationship is tested as the stars attend different colleges while trying to keep the romance alive.

5 tips and tricks to help you make the most of your Netflix subscription

Unlock hidden genres

Netflix only shows selected genres on your home screen, ranging from reality to drama, and comedy to romance. However, there are hundreds of other genres hidden and can be manually unlocked using secret codes. You can search for subgenre codes online or use the chrome extension to access these genres.

Connect your Netflix to your smart home assistant

Your smart home assistant is already familiar with your voice and knows what your favorite shows and genres are. To make your Netflix experience even better, you can use voice match to be able to load your Netflix queue on your home assistant.

If you are using Google Home, navigate to google assistance, and find videos and photos from the ‘more settings’ category. Click on Netflix and add the link to connect your Netflix app to Google Home. For Alexa, you can navigate Netflix through voice command on your Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Keyboard shortcuts

If you watch Netflix from your laptop, some keyboard shortcuts can make your binging experience more enjoyable.  

  • Enter—Toggle Play/Pause
  • Space—Toggle Play/Pause
  • Down arrow—Volume Down
  • F—Full-screen
  • Esc—Exit full-screen
  • M—Mute
  • Up arrow—Volume Up

Use a VPN to unlock content from anywhere

While Netflix is the most popular streaming service around the world. If you are only watching content on  the library of your region, you are missing out. You can gain access to a wider catalog of titles by using a VPN on your Netflix account. With a VPN, you can unlock titles and genres from anywhere in the world, including the European and American markets.

Play around with the settings

For fans of foreign titles on Netflix, you can make your viewing more enjoyable by playing around with the subtitle preference menu. You can change the size, font, and color of captions and subtitles. You can also adjust the video quality manually from the playback settings menu and turn on manual ordering to arrange your list manually.

With these tips, your Netflix experience will change for the better.