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When it comes to the Hollywood film industry, we can’t truly skip mentioning “Scarlett Johansson”.That’s how admired she is! 

Scarlett is among the most illustrious Hollywood personalities. She is one of the most versatile actresses, who has proven adept in various genres. She also stayed on the list of the highest-paid actresses between 2014-2016.

Johansson is also among the faces who have adorned the Forbes list of leading celebrities representing the Hollywood walk of fame.

She made her debut in a movie titled ‘North’ that was released in 1994. It was a fantasy comedy and was even nominated in the famous- Independent Spirit Awards.

After this, the actress continued to deliver her best and kept rising to fame. Here is the list of recent Scarlett Johansson’s movies.

Scarlett Johansson’s Recent Movie list Includes:

Little Shop of Horrors (2022)

“Greg Berlanti” has developed a remake of “Little Shop of Horrors”, a 1986 American horror comedy about to hit the theatres in 2022.

The latest casting report says that“Chris Evans – Captain America”will play the dentist“Orin Scrivello” and “Orin Scrivello” will play a supporting role to “Seymour Krelborn and Audrey”.

Scarlett Johansson and Taron Egerton will play the lead in this movie. “Little Shop of Horrors,” tells a unique and incredible story about an alien plant trying to overpower the world. The movie also hasJack Nicholson in an early role as one of Farb’s patients. The plot of this fantasy story focuses on Mushnick’s flower shop.

Krelborn (Jonathan Haze) finds an exotic plant and names it “Audrey Jr.” after his coworker Audrey (Jackie Joseph). The problem with “Audrey Jr.” is that it isn’t a normal plant.This unique plant needs blood to grow. Thus, Krelborn has to keep offering sacrifices to keep Audrey Jr alive.

Black Widow (2021)

As the name says, Black Widow is an American superhero film based on one of the famous Marvel Comics characters.

Directed by Cate Shortland, this film is among the 24th movies in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Ned Benson and Jac Schaeffer wrote the plot of this recent Scarlett Johansson movie Black Widow.

Scarlett played the lead character, Natasha Romanoff. The other cast members include Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, David Harbour and O-T Fagbenle.

Sing 2 (2021)

Directed By “Cate Shortland” and produced byKevin Feige”, Sing 2 is one of the blockbuster movies of 2021. It’s an animated musical film and the sequel to the 2016 released “Sing”.

The film stars Tori Kelly, Matthew McConaughey, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon and Seth MacFarlane in lead roles.

Asteroid City (2022)

Asteroid City is an upcoming romantic comedy-drama written and directed by Wes Anderson. The film is expected to release by the end of 2022 and is still under production. It stars Scarlett Johansson in the lead role.

The Jungle Book 2 (2023)

Directed By Jon Favreau,”The Jungle Book 2″ is one of the “Scarlett Johansson” movies flay for release in 2023.

The film will be directed and produced by “Jon Favreau” starring Scarlett Johansson, Neel Sethi, Ben Kingsley, Bill Murray, and Idris Elba.

Jojo Rabbit (2019)

Jojo Rabbit is a 2019 comedy-drama film written and directed by Taika Waititi, adapted from Christine Leunens’s 2008 book Caging Skies.

Roman Griffin Davis portrays the title character, Johannes “Jojo” Betzler, a ten-year-old Hitler Youth member who finds out that his mother (Scarlett Johansson) is hiding a Jewish girl (Thomasin McKenzie) in their attic.

Bottom Line:

All these movies and their tailors are evident that Scarlett continued to perform outstandingly in all her roles. There are good chances that she will soon be nominated for the most prestigious Golden Globe award for showing her mind-blowing acting skills in these movies.

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