Experiencing life as a voyage, we encounter things which help us continually advance as individuals. In some cases, the going gets extreme, we stumble and fall, and after that lift ourselves up once more. It’s difficult to comprehend life all things considered, yet each experience helps give us a revelation and that is the means by which life shows us how to manage it.

Here are a few lessons Redditors guarantee they gained from their lives, individuals like you and me, confronting their own difficulties and learning things which will seem true with some of what you yourself have learned along the delightful adventure.


"As you get older you  have so much more money ot  spend on video games and so  much less time to play."


"Life isn't fair. But that's okay - do the best with what you've got and fight the good fight, and you'll have a great life regardless of what it throws at you."


"You would worry less about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do."


"You only spend your whole life with one person, which is yourself. If you don't like yourself, you will have an issue."


"There's no speed limit on anything (in the metaphorical sense). Graduate at 30? Sure. First kiss at 12? Sure. Divorce at 21? Why not. PhD at 21? Go for it."


"The world isn't against you my dear... it just doesn't care."


"You won't ever reach an age where you will have things figured out completely. The upside is that there is nothing to wait for; you are as qualified as you are going to get, and as confident as you let yourself be."


"Your parents are lost, confused, emotionally damaged, and trying to figure like out just like everyone else."


"At some point you get old, and what makes you old will be unique to you. You don't know when it's going to happen or what you'll look like when it does finally happen, but it will happen."


"In a lot of ways, love makes it all harder and more complicated. I've wanted to unlove someone before, because it would make the right decision easier. I've always felt that relationships are a choice, but love generally isn't. And that's a bitch."


"No one's coming. It's you. You have to make your own life, your own luck, your future. Don't wait for life to happen to you, you have to go out there and make it happen for yourself."


"Just because they are adults doesn't mean they are always right."


"Religion is powerful, along with a belief in God. That doesn't mean God exists."


"It's much harder to make new friends after you leave school."


"You aren't good enough. You will never be good enough.  What the fuck does that even mean? You hit the limit of how good you can be? Fuck that. Start being a better you. You can always improve. Kick your own ass,  because nobody gives enough of a shit to kick it for you."

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