College is a time in one’s life when they are at the very precipice of finding out who they are and who they would like to be in 5 years. While most of life in this time is spent on grades, projects, and research, it also offers a glimpse into adulthood and the individuality that comes with it. Since it is a time to find oneself, it is also a time to start anew. College also brings with it a sense of freedom that allows you to express yourself in terms of style, and in that space; investing in goggles for girls is a must for every college-going diva.

Since the lifestyle of a college-goer is one filled with travel, activities, projects and running around campus; having sun protection is essential. Sunglasses for girls alongside sunscreen is a must-have for those busy college days that have no end. Donning an eye-catching pair of sunglasses can also help you make a lasting impression on your peers and batchmates and establish a chic aura of approachability and spirit. Hence, the beginning of your college days can be marked with an investment towards a great pair of sunglasses for girls that are sure to make you stand out.

Stand-out in Gold

College is an opportune time to experiment with your aesthetic and style choices, you may often find yourself gravitating towards metallics and junk jewellery that can complement fusion clothing. These are best when complemented by a pair of gold, round rimmed goggles for girls which are fit for a college diva. The gold glasses add a touch of playful eccentricity to your ensembles, but also keep you fashionable throughout the seasons no matter where you are.

Gunmetal Purples

While some softer aesthetics benefit from daintier silhouettes, these Gunmetal glasses are a far cry from the conventional designs found in goggles for girls. If your college looks are full of asymmetrical mixes and matches in darker palettes, this pair of purple gunmetal glasses is the choice to make. These sunglasses for girls are a testament to versatile eyewear that can suit any and every ensemble, irrespective of the vibe of the wearer.

Bold in Bugeyes

Big sunglasses have returned to fashion vision boards in the new year, and therefore their presence on college campuses is also inevitable. This design is timeless due to its functionality, since the large lenses offer maximum sun protection from UV radiation across all seasons. It is a must-have for all college-goers, as they spend a lot of time outdoors. This pair of bugeye goggles for girls is a trend for the ages and will keep coming back as long as trendy college-goers keep experimenting with their aesthetic.

Spirited Cateyes

The feline femininity brought through by a pair of Cateye goggles for girls is one that remains unmatched by other designs within sunglasses for girls. These glasses are key to making you look upswept, stylish, and sophisticated whenever you make your way through the campus. The style is timeless with good reason, as it was forged out of a woman’s need to have a design that is unique to her. Therefore, it is a must-have for your eye wear collection.

Fair in Square

As mentioned earlier, big shades for girls have made their return to the stands and collections which is why this pair of square-rimmed goggles for girls is a great option to make a lasting impression in college. These glasses are made to stand out, and they can even be the statement piece that you style your outfit around. The vintage-inspired design is a call to the college-vibe most new-age designs look for, making it an instant classic.

Pinched in Gun Metal

Small, pincher sunglasses for girls that delicately sit atop the nose bridge are one of the trends that may have left an indelible mark on the fashion consciousness of the college-going diva. These glasses have become synonymous with being fashionable, as movie stars, models and stylists don them alike. These glasses are also one of the most versatile designs, and these shades for girls are sure to become a wardrobe essential for you as soon as college commences.

The Peppy Blues

Club masters are some of the most understated, yet effortlessly chic designs in goggles for girls. This pair elevates the existing charm of the iconic design by giving it different shades of blue rather than the conventional black and gold. These glasses can be great at making a lasting first impression owing to their memorable design. This makes the sunglasses look even more stylish, as they can now complement every type of mood, vibe, ensemble apart from every face shape.

As aforementioned, college is a time to experiment and put your best foot forward no matter what challenges you face, and with this collection of goggles for girls you can look good while doing so. Since sunglasses are highly personal and tastes may differ from person to person, you can head over to Titan Eyeplus and explore more options for sunglasses for girls available at the best prices.

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