Our school times gave us some of the most fond memories but it also came with some of the most awkward moments. Here’s a list of a few :-

1. Confidently answering a question..WRONG.

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Its your bro’s turn to answer that question, and by chance you know the answer (atleast you thought you did) and he replies with your answer and bamm!!!!

2. Snoring-

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Falling asleep during class is understandable, we’ve all been through that but snoring while you do so..can be a little awkward.

3. When you fart during class-

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When you fart in class thinking it will be soundless but then it’s so loud, even the teacher gives you looks.

4. Messing up-

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When you mess up a presentation in-front of the whole class.

5. The Parent-Teacher Meeting-

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When your mom attends the Parent-teacher meeting and starts telling embarrassing stories about you in-front of yours friends and teachers.

6. PE periods-

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When you are bad in sports but your P.E. teacher decides to take revenge and makes you play while your classmates watch you move on the ground like a confused Walrus.

7. When you actually forget that homework-

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When you actually forget the homework you did, staying up all night but the teacher refuses to believe you and asks you to stop making excuses.

8. When you try to be cool but it backfires.

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So you acted like you are the coolest guy with your hilarious antics but teachers enters and ruins the moment.

9. Falling-

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When you are walking in that cool way, down the corridor and you trip and fall.

10. Paper Chat-

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When you pass notes in class to talk to your friend but that note instead of reaching your friend..reaches the teacher, it gets more awkward if the talk was about the teacher, herself.

What are some of the embarrassing things that happened with you in school?. Let us know in the comments!.