When that time of the month rolls around, we can feel like we’re going out of our minds. Girls suffer from lot of discomfort during periods and due to its taboo nature, girls have to go through it very secretively. Some girls may not be aware about few things and follow old myths which lead to an adverse effect on their health. Therefore, it’s better sometimes if you refrain yourself from certain things for your own good.

So Girls, here are couple of Things You Should NOT DO During Periods:

1.You should not eat junk food

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Resisting junk food is the last thing you want to do, but you must keep away from fast food while on your period as it will only increase your cramps. Rather prefer a homemade healthy meal.

2.You should avoid over cleaning and bathing

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Many girls feel unhygienic during their periods but it’s also important to not over clean the vaginal area as great microbes will wash away.

3.Exercise Rigorously

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While it’s true that some physical activity can help you to reduce the menstrual pain. But extreme exercise frequently can also lead to the loss of one’s period. It might sound okay to you at the moment but it’s actually not.

4.Wearing the same protection for the entire day

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Working ladies often face a problem when period and work clash, but they should never forget to change their sanitary pads in a day. Wearing same protection for whole day can cause the bacteria to produce bad odor or even rashes can be formed.

5.Watch Depressing Movies

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Many women begin to notice their emotions going to roller coaster a few days before their period. During this time of emotional changes, you should avoid watching depressing movies. Since PMS already leads to emotional changes, you already feel low and watching something depressing will be an add on to your dullness.

6.You should not wax your body

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Waxing in periods can cause more pain while than other usual days.This again happen due to hormonal changes and high level of estrogen level. You are advised to plan your wax one week either before or after the periods.

7.You should not skip gym

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Exercising during periods is definitely very hard as yoyr cramps don’t allow you to sneak out of your bed but your body requires some light exercises.

Do some less stressful workout, DON’T BE A COUCH POTATO!

8.You should not consume dairy products

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Calcium is great for helping with menstrual pains, but milk products do the opposite. Milk, cheese, and yogurt should not be eaten while on period because they contain arachadonic acids which cause cramps.

This video here shows some of the problems faced by girls when they are down

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Hope you all have got the idea of the Don’t s  during your Periods. Get all set for the next one and Healthy bleeding!