Ten Minutes
Ten Minutes

Ten minutes might not sound like an awful lot of time. In fact, it might not sound like it’s enough time to do anything. However, if you do find yourself with ten minutes where you have absolutely nothing to do, you’ll know how long that time can feel – how agonizingly slow of a wait that can turn out to be. Turns out, this is a great opportunity – and one that you might find yourself with several times a day.

An opportunity for what, though? Well, that’s going to depend on your wider circumstance, where you are and what you want to do, but rest assured, an opportunity it most certainly is.


If you’re in a waiting room or on a train, this might not be the thing that first comes to mind and it might not be appropriate given the wider setting. At home, however, any spare time that you have is a great opportunity to do some quick exercises. Again, you might not want to get really sweaty or out of breath before whatever you’re waiting for, but doing some press-ups, some quick yoga, or some squats doesn’t do any harm and might even accumulate into something that’s quite positive for your health after enough of these ten-minute sessions.

Have Fun

It’s easy to think that you have to wait until the weekends, or until you find yourself with a suitably long period of time to properly have fun. However, this might be a mentality that ignores the present moment – and you can have fun whenever you have free time, such as right now. Pulling out your phone and playing some games is a prime example of how you can remedy this boredom, with the best online casinos Australia offering a whole range of games that can address any different mood or whim that you feel in that moment to carry you through to the end of this free period.

Focus on Your Mental Health

With so much rushing about in your life, ten minutes is nothing to scoff at. In fact, ten minutes might be the perfect opportunity to practice some meditation or some breathing exercises that can help you to slow down, focus on the present, and regain a sense of calm for the rest of the day. You might find it hard to do this when you’re in the midst of a stressful situation, but over time, learning how best to deploy these exercises might prove to be a great help to your mental health.


Alternatively, you might decide that doing nothing at all is the best route to take – and there’s nothing wrong with that. You might find that your schedule for the rest of the day is so cluttered and busy that an opportunity to sit back and do nothing at all is downright appealing. This is quite a similar option to meditating or breathing exercises in a lot of ways, but a less dedicated approach might feel like it adds less pressure to the occasion. Being able to rest and get your bearings is a valuable opportunity, and a perfectly valid way to spend the time.

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