old home
old home

Renovating an old home is a great opportunity to get really creative and make something truly special. Dated décor will be a key challenge, but there will be plenty of other things that require your attention along the way as well. Before you start the project, you will need some sense of what it is you want to achieve and how you’re going to go about getting the job done properly. This guide has some great ways any old home can feel alive again.

Focus on the Areas that Need the Most Attention

All renovation projects must start somewhere, and if your goal is to make a space come to life then it makes sense to take a look around and decide which areas are most in need. Is there are distinct vibe of dilapidation in any particular room, for instance? Or would the flooring benefit from a complete revamp throughout the property? Can you change anything small to create a big impact like the color scheme? These are all important questions, and you will undoubtedly make your own list as you walk around and audit.

A New Coat of Paint Will Create Magic

There are lots of wonderful things about wallpaper, but the fact is that even the most luxurious paper on your walls is prone to fading, staining, tearing, and more as the years go by. For anyone looking at an old home, the first job will always be to get rid of the wallpaper and embrace paint. Even if you want to go back and install a feature wall down the line, as soon as you apply a fresh coat of paint to any area it will be like waving a magic wand when it comes to how it feels and the general vibe. You are not limited when it comes to color choice, and there are lots of creative ways to infuse style if you are worried about it looking too plain too.

Refreshing Original Flooring

Flooring is an obvious task that will require some attention. While you may be tempted to rip it all out and start again, it is often smarter to use the pre-existing flooring to suit your goals. If you work with what is already there, you will not only save yourself some precious time but protect the budget as well. This is always going to be easier if the foundation is an attractive style to work with, of course, and things like scratched vinyl are too hard to salvage.

However, where there is an opportunity to revive original wooden features, it should absolutely be taken. Lean on the talents of an expert like svbwoodfloors.com and sit back and watch the magic happen. A revamped floor will bring a room back to its former glory and set the bar for what you can achieve next.

Make it Efficient

Old houses were not built with sustainability in mind. While they have some benefits, they are prone to letting out the heat and costing a lot of money in terms of energy and other utility bills. So, where there are opportunities for improving efficiency, this will be a smart move for decades to come. This could mean something as simple as installing a smart meter to control the heating and electrics. It could also mean thinking big and going for a complete rewire, installing insulation, and even replacing old windows for something more energy conservative like triple glazing. Anything you do in this area will make a home feel more modern and efficient, and it should be a key part of your strategy.

Embrace the Light

A property without the correct amount of lighting is one that will never feel truly modernized. Dark corners and inefficient lighting features make a house feel unloved, and it is entirely avoidable if you plan properly. Whether you decide to change all of the fittings, or go big and install some new windows, there is a lot that can be done to change how the rooms feel in this context. Light can make a space feel bigger and more inviting as well, so there is a lot to consider.

Make Storage Spaces a Priority

Every house that is lived in needs storage. Without storage, there is clutter, and where there is clutter there is poor mental well-being and general frustration. A home will never reach its full potential until all of the possible storage solutions have been put into practice, so this will be a key focus. Older properties never fully utilized the space for this purpose, but modern life demands it. Build in cupboards, think about innovative shelving designs, and use whatever you can to make sure things can stay organized and well maintained.

Change the Appliances

Lots of homes come with an integrated oven or sink, and even washing machines in some cases. However, that doesn’t mean that they should be kept. You are not wed to these appliances, and they can be changed and even upgraded so that they are more efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Take the leap and lean into thinking about how you can make the most out of your key appliance setup so that they look modern, work well, and are all energy efficient.  

Don’t Neglect the Exterior

While the interior is arguably important, there are lots of ways you can neglect the exterior without even realizing it. It is no good to revamp the inside if the outside still looks forlorn and forgotten about. You may have to sacrifice some real money on getting the roof back into shape, for instance, but it will improve not only the overall aesthetic but the value and sustainability factor as well. Tidy up the garden and consider all the ways you can improve the landscaping like carving out a driveway or installing a seating area.

There are lots of things you can do with an old home to make it feel alive again. Creating a desirable space takes dedication and careful planning, but there are plenty of ways to achieve it. Modernization doesn’t always have to mean sleek and slick, but it does require nurture and creativity to get the job done right.

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