-continue nick p.o.v

I left leaving my soul, bereft of its mate!
But on my way, I reminisced about our blissful married life of 5 wonderful years.

I still remember our first meet at that curfew place. She was hiding behind the car in parking lot, trembling with fear. Though, I was supposed to leave the city that day for another mission of serial blasts in another city, I couldn’t make a move seeing her innocence.

She saw my arm smeared in blood, which I was trying to tie with my handkerchief, sitting on a bench near her.

“Shhhhh.. Shhhhh..” I heard her muffled voice.

I eyed her sternly asking what she wanted. To which she made a Baby face, asking me to come to the car, so that she could help me. I was amazed that she wanted to help an injured person in this situation too.
All the while she was busy dressing me with her materials she had in her bag, whereas I was gawking at her.
“u r doctor?”
“No, i am nurse!”

“what if u loose your life while helping me?”

“i would be much obliged” She sobbed.

And that was it, I hugged her with all my might.

She is the reason for what I’m today! No more a terrorist or a kidnapper, but a simple middle class guy, who drives a rickshaw.

Due to her immense love, today, I Nick russel, am able to breath like a normal citizen, albeit my deeds.

I love my family and my daughter. I’m not at all angry at my wife. She said she was with me for revenge, but I have seen the love for me, in her eyes. Anyway I deserved more than this for killing so many innocent lives.


bella p.o.v

“I did your work, so now hand me the fucking file!” I tried to sound confident, though I had just barred my soul and stabbed it into million pieces. I had abandoned my soul’s mate, by saying things I never meant and performing deeds which I could never do! But I mercilessly did it all.
While hitting My Husband with that stone and beer bottle, it was actually me hurting my own self. And the irony was, I couldn’t even cry or return his ‘I love you’. But with that, he made me believe that whatever the world may say, he’s adorns the most pious soul ever. He made me speechlessly amazed, yet again.

I hated the fact that I had him but I can’t have him.

This bastard handed me the file, smirking and smoking all the way.

“This is the file of all his original documents. Henceforth, there’s no proof against him. Congratulations Bella!” He said, shamelessly eyeing me in bikini. And I so wanted to die.

“Its Mrs.Isabella russel for you!” I roared trying to gulp my tears for allowing other man, other than my Love, to eye me like that! But I sighed exhaling helplessness.

OFF love!;-Part 1: Here

to be continue

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