Good divorce lawyer singapore As we pass through 2021, we are moving into an era of Digital Darwinism which represents a unique online landscape allowing people from all around the globe to connect. With an increase in the number of social media users, especially during the pandemic, nearly everyone is constantly holding our tech gadgets, exchanging messages, calls, facetime, browsing the internet, looking up people on social media, and so much more.

Understandably, social media has numerous benefits, but our question revolves around what potential role social media plays in the increased numbers of divorces. Suppose your marriage has taken an unpleasant turn, and you are thinking about calling it quits with your spouse. In that case, we recommend that you discuss things with a professional attorney first, such as the good divorce lawyer Singapore.

Read on to learn more about how social media impacts relationships and marriages.

No Time for Partner

Social media has caused a psychological impact on its users, which is the fear of missing out, also known as FOMO. Interestingly, many social media users don’t “do” anything on different social media platforms, except for scrolling and spending time visiting sites, checking profiles, and catching up with the latest social media trends.

Social media is addictive; every other minute, there is a new update, post, picture, or vlog from the favorite sites and influencers of the users, which can strain a marriage or a relationship. It has been analyzed that an increase in social media use is explicitly linked with marital unhappiness or dissatisfaction and has led to a boost in divorce rates in different world regions.

It has also been contended by different analysts and researchers that an over-indulgence in social media casts a negative impact on love relationships and long-term commitments. One funny yet interesting fact about social media is that it has generated a paradox-effect: while people find it easier to connect with people all over social media, they find it hard and challenging to connect and relate with people who are living with them, including family, spouses, and romantic partners.

The Downside of Social Media on Marriage and Love Life

Seeing one’s partner spending more time on social media can lead to negative emotions, such as distrust and jealousy. Distrust can lead to snooping and spying on the partner’s social media profile while keeping tabs on their online activity and to whom they have been talking. The sense of jealousy and distrust intensifies and has a snowballing impact to the point that it generates anger and resentment. Subsequently, arguments erupt revolving around cheating and infidelity, ultimately leading to a breakup or eventual divorce.

Final Thoughts

Understandably, it seems impossible to live without social media and disconnected from family, friends, and the world. However, as with everything else in life, balance is the key here. Partners need to understand that they are a team, and they have to work with each other and not against each other. Social media is good for leisure, fun, and staying informed – an over-indulgence has its own set of downfalls, including divorce.