Exclusive Cars Сan Help to Meet Single Women
Exclusive Cars Сan Help to Meet Single Women

Do cars really turn women on? Is it any type of car? Or is it just some cars? We’ve scoured the Internet looking for an answer, trying to figure out what car makes women have a steamy hookup with you after you pick them up on a date driving it. And after careful consideration, online dating sites came to mind! Ladies who are actively seeking partners hold all the answers on what type of car you should have to be successful, so we compiled a list from their preferences.

Still, opinions vary. Knowing the personality of your potential online or offline dating partner will make you able to predict if she likes cars or not and if it would have the same impact on her just like it does on other ladies. Some are all in for the environment and prefer bikes and EV’s, for example, while others think the bigger the engine he drives, the more masculine their partner is. But the best advice is to simply talk to a lady you’re seeing or planning to have a hookup with, rather than having prejudices before you know for sure. All in all, her personality may be hidden before she knows that “this is the moment.”

What Is More Attractive for Women?

Actually, there are several things that women find attractive in men. Some only focus on physical build and appearance; others are impressed by wealth and social status, while others care more about intelligence, wit, personality, and communication style.

Not all women are the same; not all men are the same, so their taste in partners (and cars) will always differ. While preferences will vary, there is one thing that women hanging out in a hookup chat appreciate in men, and that is confidence. Most women there (and IRL too) are adore being treated like a lady, so no matter your intentions or cars. It doesn’t matter if you are you approach them for a hookup or to confess to them that they are the love of your life, and do it in a pickup truck or a brand new Ferrari; confidence is the key to success.

Yet confidence can come from several things, but it is often boosted by having money and power. What is the easier way there to display your social status and your wealth to your hookup partner than by driving a very expensive supercar?

Cars Are an Extension of Ourselves

If you’ve watched 101 Dalmatians, you’ve probably seen that dogs usually look like their owners, it’s not exactly the same, but similarly, cars are an extension of their owners. You don’t just buy a random car; you find one that matches your personality, lifestyle, budget, and preferences.

When you buy a car, you will try to make sure that both the interior and exterior are precisely what you want and that it has the capabilities to fulfill all your needs, and if you have enough money, you’d want one that makes ladies want to drop off their clothes this instant and have an amazing hookup with you! You can even add a picture with it to your online dating profile to boost your success.

Top 3 Exclusive Cars to Impress Every Woman

There are hundreds of technically impressive and powerful cars. Still, out of all of them, there are three premium supercars that will surely impress any woman.

Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is a sports car with two doors launched in September 1964. It has a rear-mounted six engine that allows it to reach incredible speeds. It has won several awards in a variety of classes and is one of the most successful competition cars ever made. It’s insanely beautiful both outside and inside and will impress any woman, even those who know nothing about cars.

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang entered production in 1964 and is the longest-produced Ford car. It is now in its sixth generation and is a styled line of sport coupes and convertibles. It’s beautiful, it’s cool, it’s fast, and it offers exquisite comfort.

Aston Martin DB9

The Aston Martin DB9 is a British grand tourer launched in 2003. It can be bought both as a coupé and a convertible style. With a powerful engine and a striking design, this supercar is bound to steal the show no matter where you go.

Statistics Confirm That Exclusive Cars Attract Women

Ask 10 girls on the online dating site if owning a car makes a man more attractive, and 7 of 10 will answer something close to “completely.” This means that you can score a lot more hookups with the ladies if you drive an epic, fast vehicle. What is more, statistics show that if you have a clean car, are a good driver, can fix a flat tire, own your car, and bought it for yourself, you will grow tremendously in the eyes of any woman.

The thing is that not all cars are created equal. Women agree that a man driving an Audi has a lot more chances of scoring a hookup than a man who drives a BMW. Sure it might be prejudice talking, but every woman has different desires, and different cars translate into different typologies of men.

But if you have a great car and know what to do to keep your car running longer and in excellent condition, you have great odds of attracting women, no matter if it’s online or offline.


In conclusion, having an exclusive car might really do turn women on and make them want to date you. While most of us might not even afford to buy an expensive premium car, owning any type of vehicle that’s clean and well maintained will surely get you some points with the ladies.

If you already have a fantastic car, join a dating website and post a photo of yourself next to your vehicle to let potential dates know what you drive so that they can get interested in a hookup. And who knows, maybe you’ll meet the woman of your dreams… and even let her drive your ride.