India is a conservative nation that disguises its backward norms with the assistance of ‘culture’. That is the reason individuals will acknowledge ancient ideas like share, casteism or triple talaq, however will look the other way with regards to love between two individuals of a similar sexual orientation. In any case, fortunately our Supreme Court is significantly progressive and has asked our nation to be the same by decriminalizing homosexuality on sixth September. What’s more, a Kerala High Court has maintained that choice.

As indicated by The News Minute, a lesbian couple, Rija and Runa (names changed for obscurity), confronted a troublesome circumstance after one of them uncovered the truth to their folks. Rija stated,“WE MET OVER AN ONLINE SITE FOR LESBIANS AND FELL IN LOVE.”

Considering how the couple was enamored, they chose to move in together amid a period when Area 377 wasn’t struck down. And keeping in mind that it was for Rija to tell her family about her relationship, things went sideways when Runa, who originates from a remote place in Neyyatinkara, Thiruvananthapuram, did likewise. After Runa informed her family, they went to the Neyyatinkara Police headquarters with a missing Individual complaint. The couple at that point got a call from the Police headquarters to present themselves at the station.
The couple arrived at the Parassala police headquarters, who brought them down to the Neyyatinkara court. Be that as it may, Preetha told BBC, that the circumstance got threatening not inside, but rather outside the court. The court set her free on 14th August. Be that as it may, The moment she left the court, she and her partner was mauled and the younger lady (RUNA) was taken away. They conceded her to a mental organization in Thiruvananthapuram.

Subsequent to accepting no news about Runa, Rija at last filed a Habeas Corpus at the High Court a week ago, which required Runa to show up. And with her advocates and individual network individuals, Rija appeared at the court.
What’s more, Runa said exactly what we wanted when the court asked her who she needed to run with. Preetha says,”At the point when Runa said she needs to run with the petinioner (Rija), the Supreme Court gave the decision for them, in light of the ongoing affirmation by the Supreme Court against section 377.”

And just like that love saw another day in the Sun thanks to the Supreme Court’s milestone judgment and the Kerala High Court’s choice to maintain it.

Regardless of the Supreme Court decision, numerous individuals in the nation still stay opposed to same-sex connections. However, that’s probably just the previous generation who are fighting tooth and nail to keep their place in the society.  Because going by the staggering response on social media, the more youthful age acknowledges love in each shape and size.