Making a historic judgement, on the 6th September 2018, the Supreme Court of India decriminalized Section 377 of the IPC, that makes ‘unnatural’ sex a punishable offence in India. After 160 years of subjugation, more than 2 million strong LGBTQ community of India today has finally gotten triumph over the narrow mindedness and hypocrisy of people. And this was all because some powerful countrymen deemed it ‘unfit’ and ‘unethical’ for the society.

By deciding in the favour of the LGBTQ community, the Supreme Court restored the Indian culture that values acceptance and plurality. To celebrate this revolutionary change, the people all over the country held pride parades and coloured themselves in the colours of the LGBTQ community.

Here’s a moment of silence, to all those hypocrites who kept saying shit about homosexuality all these years.


Gay sex should  not be legalised at any cost. Such  obscene acts should not be allowed in  our country.


We will set  up centres to  administer treatment to the LGBTQ youths to make them  normal.


It's immoral to  use religious texts  as a reference with  false facts to related  to homosexuality. What's immoral is immoral.


Surrogacy for homosexual  couples is against  our cultural  ethos.


We will state  that we support  Section 377 because  we believe that  homosexuality is an unnatural act  and cannot be  supported.


Homosexuality  is a socially immoral  act in our society.  No need to be  punished but to be treated as a  psychological case.


Homos are  genetically handicapped. You need to go to a hospital. Being gay is a mental  disorder.


We have a culture and tradition and homosexuality goes against it. One cannot allow a new culture of this kind.


Homosexuality is unnatural and a disease.


There is a need for psychological treatment of  the LGBTQ  community.