Injuries and fatalities sustained in motor vehicle accidents rank high among all the USA’s causes of morbidity and mortality. Enforcement of traffic laws has been studied for its potential to reduce speeding accidents in the United States. It’s possible that tighter regulation of traffic laws in high-accident areas will reduce accidents overall. Financial shortfalls cause an increase in the frequency with which drivers are issued tickets, which in turn harms road safety. This is achieved by using this relationship as an explanatory factor in a study of the impact of speeding tickets on highway safety. Without further delay, let’s see 13 top states that are the most expensive to get a speeding ticket in the United States.


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Nevada has the strictest penalties for first-time speeding offenders. The maximum penalty can easily reach four digits, more than three times the amount of any other state in the nation. In Nevada, the penalty for speeding is $1,000.


Although the long distances in Alaska may tempt you to floor it on the highway between cities, doing so is illegal and can result in a hefty fine. For the first allegation, the maximum fine is $300.


While the living expenses in Mississippi are low compared to other states, that does not appear to be the case for traffic fines. The base fee for a first offense committed is between $150 and $300.

New York

First-time traffic tickets in New York can cost anywhere from $90 to $600. The maximum amount of a fine for going 11-30 mph over the limit is $300.


Extreme punishment awaits those who try to outrun Arizona’s laws. At $10 per mile over, the base fine for speeding infractions is $250. An extra $50 will be added to the total for every five mph over the ten mph limit.

New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, the penalty for speeding on highways is significantly higher. In areas with a 70 mph limit, a fine of $148 will be assessed for a 13 mph infraction, while the same infraction in a 55 mph zone will only cost $93.


The fine for speeding in Texas varies from municipality to municipality. Compared to Dallas’s $122 fee, Houston’s $229 fee for a first-time perpetrator going 13 mph over the speed limit seems excessive.


The traffic tickets in Florida differ from county to county. For example, a fine of $226 for heading 13 mph zone in Miami-Dade County is only $204 in neighboring Orange and Duval counties.

Rhode Island

Being the smallest state in the country, high fines for speeding make some sense. Since everything is so conveniently located, there should be little need to hurry.


In Hawaii, a first-time offender can have their license suspended for approximately a year on top of a maximum fine of $200.


In the best-case scenario, a first-offense speeding ticket will cost you between $100 and $200 in fines and court fees. While irresponsible killing can result in two to six years in prison and a $10,000 fine, careless endangerment, which includes excessive speeding, can cost you $500 and up to 60 days in jail.

North Carolina

A speeding ticket’s average increase in North Carolina insurance rates lasts three years.

South Carolina

It is unclear how cautious motorists must be in the Palmetto State. Fines range from $15 for a first offense to $200 for subsequent offenses.

Statistics show that an increase in traffic tickets results in fewer speeding accidents and injuries in the United States. The results indicate that the beneficial effect of police departments on traffic safety is significantly underestimated when endogeneity is not accounted for.

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