The Most Incredible Mardi Gras Party
The Most Incredible Mardi Gras Party

Essentially, the carnival of Mardi Gras is basically the lead up to Lent and, although by no means what one would call a religious celebration, the timing of Mardi Gras is loosely based upon the Christian calendar.

The translation of ‘Mardi Gras’ is basically ‘Fat Tuesday’ with the culmination of the festivities being held the day before Ash Wednesday, when Lent begins.

If you are planning on holding a Mardi Gras themed party, then continue reading to discover everything you need to know to throw the party to end all parties!

The Origins Of Mardi Gras

In order to throw an authentic Mardi Gras celebration that is entirely inspired by the real thing, it would be pertinent to first learn of the origins of this worldwide tradition.

Contrary to popular belief, the origins of Mardi Gras did not begin in Louisiana, New Orleans and in actual fact, can be traced all the way back to medieval Europe, specifically Venice and Rome in the late seventeenth centuries.  The earliest publicized recording of a reference to Mardi Gras was recorded in a 1781 report, addressed to the colonial government of Spain at the time.

It is true to say, however, that New Orleans was where Mardi Gras began to increase momentum and quickly gain popularity for the mainstream public and today, native New Orleanians freely refer to Mardi Gras as ‘The Greatest Free Show On Earth.’

Mardi Gras celebrations are always centered around the theme of a carnival combined with a masquerade ball and you could even center your costumes and venue décor with a 18th century ball or, even better still, an entirely British, Dickensian costume party and overall aesthetic.

Key Elements For An Amazing Private Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is utterly synonymous with bright colors, loud music and happy, smiling faces.

Décor should be entirely focused on purples, yellows and bright greens and the bigger and brighter the decorations for the venue, the absolute better.

Key elements to ensure your Mardi Gras party will truly be one to remember include:

  • Masquerade Masks For Each & Every Guest
  • Matching Masquerade Masks For Cake Toppers
  • Bartending Services That Provide Mardi-Gras Cocktails & Everything Booze-Related, such as from
  • Delicious, Jumbo-Sized Doughnuts Covered In Green & Yellow Frosting
  • Stock Up On Every Single Size, Shape & Color Of Beads Imaginable

Add Your Unique Spark & Flair

Obviously, just in case even one of your guests didn’t get the metaphorical memo, Mardi Gras costumes should be absolutely mandatory. In addition, search local advertisements and online social media platforms for affordable yet professional face-painting or make-up artists to adorn the faces of your guests with bright make-up in true Mardi Gras tradition.

Other ways to make your Mardi Gras party as memorable as possible are to fill every available bowl and plate with chocolate coins and brightly colored candies, and frame the entirety of the room with multi-colored lights and extra-long streamers.