Quality and style of a cloth gives the wearer a smart and pleasant experience. There is a general saying that the clothes that are quality-made, look better and feel better. Moreover, it gives you confident feeling and creates a good impression on others. The joy, which comes by wearing a quality-made and stylishly designed shirt, also carried over in the way one carries himself in terms of dressing. While shopping for a shirt, there are several factors that should be considered, like brand, style, fit and pattern. But, one important thing for which the people are least concerned about is the quality. However, quality in shirts, along with the style, comes with a high value. At Forever 21 you can get top-quality shirts of different brands in an assortment of colors, sizes and styles


A quality-made and trendily designed shirt looks smart on any person with good physic. Shirts made from thin and finely woven cotton looks more appealing than a shirt made from thick, bright and shiny material. You can ensure the quality of the shirts by fabric type, pattern and the construction.


The type of the fabric is the core ingredient of a quality-made shirt. The quality of the fabric differentiates a shirt in price parameters. It is obvious that the shirts made with premium-quality fabric costs high, as compared to the low-quality fabric. Cotton fabric in different weaving styles is the first choice for most of the men, on quality and comfort parameters. Poplin, Broadcloth, Oxford and Pique are some of the popular weaving styles in cotton fabric that make your look smart and attention grabbing.


Pattern and Design

Design and pattern of the shirt perfectly compliments its fabric quality. For example: With the high-quality cotton fabric, generally, plain pattern shirts with thin lining is preferred in both light and dark shades. In order to maintain a perfect match between the quality and the pattern of the shirt, most of the popular brands follow a particular style i.e. body patterns are cut with thick paper, while the collars and cuffs are made from metal for obtaining the accuracy.



Construction of the shirt is highly important to make it perfect on quality parameters. This includes shirt stitching, collar, buttons, yoke, hemline, cuffs, side seams, armholes and the gussets. Stitching is a good way to inspect the quality. For example: fabrics that are tightly woven have high density stitches, which leads to its durable and graceful appearance. On the other hand, shirts with very delicate and open weaving requires little large stitching. Moving ahead, top-quality shirts use single-needle stitching for clean and fine look. Twin-needle stitching is generally used to make lower-end or casual shirts. The yoke (back part of shirt connecting neck and shoulders) comes in variety of shapes and patterns, depending the shirt branding. Usually, it is made from one piece of fabric. A high-end RTW shirt often contains split yoke.
Apart from these three factors, trimmings of the shirt also plays a significant role in adding value to the aesthetics and quality of the shirt. So, if you want to add a quality-made shirt to your wardrobe to showcase a perfect style, buy shirts from Forever 21 Delhi shop

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