Beach cruiser bikes blend vintage style and modern technology, delivering a smooth ride. Most of these cruisers go far beyond the beach, excelling at city riding and jaunts onto light off-road trails. They’re incredibly versatile, fitting a wide range of riders. And if you have back or joint pain, you’re sure to find one that supports comfortable pain-free riding. So, how do you find the perfect model for you? Keep reading to get the lowdown on beach cruiser bike styles, features and more.

The Anatomy of a Beach Cruiser

Modern bikes styles include cruisers, mountain bikes, hybrids, touring bikes and adult tricycles. Some of these categories overlap – for instance, hybrid cruisers. And each of these bikes has their strengths. Cruisers are built less for speed and more for comfort, thanks to certain key features:

  • Upright-style frame
  • Ergonomic riding position
  • Upright handlebars
  • Generously padded seat
  • Thicker tires that resist puncturing

This combination makes the cruiser bike a champ at leisurely and moderately paced riding. Some cruisers also excel at commuter riding, but most choose theirs for recreation and exercise.

Sixthreezero’s Around the Block Casual is a great example of a women’s beach cruiser. This bike blends an elegant curvy steel design, an ergonomic step-through frame, wide handlebars, high-density foam grips, a cushioned saddle and large waffle-tread tires measuring 2 inches wide. It comes in one-speed and seven-speed versions, with a recommended top riding speed of 14 miles per hour. That’s perfect for a leisurely ride to the beach or through the park. Snap-on attachment points let you easily add accessories – like a basket for Tiger or Bella to ride in.

Electric, Fat Tire and Other Styles

Beach cruisers have some basic features, but bike makers add other juicy extras to make riding more convenient, comfortable and fun. Sixthreezero’s popular EVRYJourney hybrid cruiser now comes in two electric versions – the 250W and the 500W. The “W” in their names stands for watts, as in the power of their rear hub electric motors. The EVRYJourney features an ergonomic riding and forward pedaling position, aligning the lower body’s joints and placing the rider closer to the ground. With a top recommended riding speed of 24 miles per hour, the EVRYJourney 250W can also handle short commutes to work.

Maybe you’ve heard about the fat tire beach cruiser. But what’s all the buzz about? As their name implies, fat tire bikes sport larger-than-average tires – usually between 3.5 to 5 inches wide. The bigger tires come with lower pressures, and the combination results in more ground contact. That leads to better traction on mud, snow or sand – which makes fat tires a natural choice for some beach cruisers. Sixthreezero’s EVRYJourney Fat Tire sports 4-inch wide tires plus other cruiser bike hallmarks and has a recommended top speed of 15 miles per hour.

Finding Your Beach Cruiser

Beach cruisers have a lot to offer. When shopping for yours, keep a few things in mind. Look at each model’s features and rider fit specs. And with your best electric beach cruiser, pay attention to its motor power and recommended riding distance. Sixthreezero has a BodyFit tool that matches you with ideal bike suggestions based on your height, weight and riding needs.