The rocking Chennai Music Festival that’ll make you groove; the favorable Karthigai Deepam celebration that lights up the entire town; and the energetic Cochin Jubilee that’ll influence you to praise life, there’s such a great amount of occurring in south India in December, and travellers just can’t get enough of it. Here’s a list of the best places to visit in south India in these winters, where all the cool occasions, brilliant celebrations, and soothing climate is sitting tight for you.


South India

This place is one of the primary names which rings a bell when contemplating the spots to visit in South India in Winters. The place is rich in its culture and legacy which goes about as the major appealing power for the sightseers. Known as the place that is known as the land of Gods, the delightful seaside town, Kasargod is the northernmost area and among the best places to visit in Kerala. It is packed with numerous heritage structures and natural wonders Ananthapura Lake Temple, Madhur Temple, Bekal Fort, Bekal beach, and the shining Thonikadavu waterfall.


Plan a visit to Kochi these winters and appreciate the celebrations and grandeur of Cochin Carnival. A standout amongst the most prevalent social events of India, it is held in December, each year. The celebration is praised with fun, frolic, and energy. The exhilarating competition of bike races, beach volleyball, swimming, fireworks, music, dance, fancy dresses, and beautiful decoration of historic monuments make Kochi one of the best places to visit in south India in December.
From playing Panchavadyam—medley of 5 instruments— to the stupendous procession of decorated elephants with live bands, Cochin Carnival is sure to allure you.


Chennai is extraordinary compared to other spots that can be visited in South India in winters. The place has many churches, temples, monuments, etc. that makes the place one great attraction to be visited. You will observe a satisfying atmosphere amid that time which improves the experience of visiting the place. The different celebrations additionally add to the magnificence of the place.


The onset of winters marks the beginning of the ‘festival of lights’ in this amazing place called Thiruvannamalai. The festival is celebrated for 3 continuous days during the month of December and attracts many tourists. During this festival, all the temples, churches, streets, homes and various monuments are all decorated with light.
The sister prays a special prayer for the well-being of their brothers during this festival which is also one great sight to witness.


Regardless of the fact that the place does not have any real celebration amid the long season of winters, it manages to pull in an extensive number of individuals. The beautiful and enchanting magnificence of the place fills in as the major alluring power for the vacationers and the beach lovers.
The place turns out to be more alluring amid the alleviating climatic conditions of the winter season.


This place is famously known as the scuba diving spot of Karnataka. Alongside that, this place is additionally very renowned for other water sports that are available for engaging the guests. Visiting the shorelines, attempting the different water sports and adventurous activites, make the place one extraordinary destination in South India to be visited in Winters. The satisfying atmosphere makes the visit worth recalling.


There is no denying that the lovely and hypnotizing magnificence of the place is one of the real attractions that grab the eye of the travellers. Other than that, one other fascination that draws in individuals to visit the place particularly during the winter season is the alluring Tamara Carnival.
The invigorating surroundings of the place in the winter months are another motivation to head towards Coorg.

Excited to visit all these amazing places in South India during the winter season? Choose the destinations that excite you the most and experience the world of great adventures.