A marriage is a very delicate relationship. One has to look after to many things like finances, children and more especially household work that includes grocery list at the top. And that grocery list becomes a reason for the tiff.

And wife is the one who holds the notepad and makes the list, usually this happens. When husband forgets to bring something, lets say carrots, then the war starts in-between.  So dear husbands, here is the solution for you.


Era Londhe fantastically drafted the most point by point basic need list (with outlines), to help her better half from not messing up things at the vegetable market-

This note came into the limelight and these some of the replies which she is getting.

1. Love for free!

2. Biology answers with diagrams!

3. One-Stop rule book!

4. It is discrimination for some people!

It may or may not be useful but it is hilarious for sure and we can roll on floor with laughter!