Hey Guys!!! ‘First kiss’, name is enough to make all of you more excited with little bit of nervousness. And yes, when you are going to kiss your lady love, nervousness is also overwhelmed by her body with a hiding excitement which she never reveals to you. But if you not perfectly execute your first kiss then it will create loads of blunders in your lady’s mind. Get some tips by scrolling down to make your first kiss memorable moment of your life…

#1.Hold Her Tightly With Full Delicacy, Observe Her Reaction…



Never start as a wild lover, she always needs some time from yours side.

#2. Sensuous Expressions Of Her Give You Sign That She Is Almost Ready…



Without feeling, even an animal can’t accept your love so never ever expect from her.

#3.Slowly Go Closer And Closer Just To Feel Freshness Of Her Breathing



It’s the best moment when both of you are literally feeling breathing of each other.

#4.Of Course! When She Breathe In/Out Fast, Then She Is Ready To Serve Your Initiative…



You have to take initiative at your own, being a girl she feels little shy and always wait for you.

#5.Looking Into Eyes Is Very Important Just To Make Her Comfortable…



By looking into her eyes, start loving her starting from his cheeks, chin then to neck even. Definitely she feels top of the world.

#6.Don’t Act So Rude While Going To Her; Never let Your Smile Leaving Your Face…



You are going to kiss her, not going to make her scary by your tough and rude looks.

#7.Hold Her Waist Very Lightly And Try To Bring Her Closer To You…



Every lady is waiting for this moment for sure, because this touch of your makes her feel excited.

#8.Being Little Patience Because This Patience From Your Side Make Her Approach You Take First Step…



Delay in certain things will help in raise unconditional love between both.

#9.Just Be A Gentleman And Go For It…



Finally you experience what you want in a very descent way and keeping emotions and feelings of your lady love in your mind.

#10.After Kissing, Don’t Try To Make Situation Awkward, But Try To Make Her Feel Comfortable…



It’s very important that memories do stay in mind but with a sweet and lovable feeling not with situation that make your lovable moment unpleasant.