Regularly, a video title is a not too bad giveaway of what’s to come, however this one is significantly more than #PeekeMatChala.

What begins as a “honest” round of lager pong, winds up being an incredibly precise representation of 2016, with the all-encompassing message: don’t give your intoxicated choice, a chance to chance your future. Highlighting a portion of the comic drama scene’s most mainstream confronts, AIB’s new video, as a team with OLA Cabs, is not as much about letting you know what will happen on the off chance that you drink or drive, however more about what you need to live for! An all around curated initial 2 mins furnish the gathering of people with a helpful manual for allude to, on the off chance that they need to figure out whether their companion is intoxicated. The last demonstration of this 5 stage manual is first rate by Abish Matthew, which makes ready for Tanmay Bhat to lead you through a melodic voyage of pop culture that anticipates you in 2017.

With AIB’s heart in the right place and their cognitive functioning at its peak, watch the 2017 song and identify the things you want to live the most for – a Taher Shah and Baba Sehgal collaboration or to figure out why Kattapa killed Baahubali. Whichever it is, do remember – that long drive under the influence of alcohol is certainly not worth endangering a future.