Whoever said excellence is entirely subjective didn’t realize that prevailing press had officially settled an extremely contract meaning of magnificence. Be that as it may, it can’t, and ought not, be characterized by somebody’s age, shape, size, or skin shading. You don’t require a multitude of beauticians helping you resemble a superstar to be regarded delightful.

In the most recent crusade of All About You from Deepika Padukone, three customary ladies, who look simply like us, are shattering generalizations by rethinking what magnificence intends to them. These ladies realize that mold is about self-expression. They realize that nothing can make you look more lovely than genuinely tolerating and adoring yourself, simply the way you are.

Through this video All About You from Deepika Padukone captures real women and their emotions. Watch this video to know their idea of being perfect and celebrating themselves.

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